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[1] [U|AoHu+Ao100|YAAM] Everyman Diamond Centurion

[2] [M|Ao100|3%|YAVP] Pacifistic tendencies

[3] [M|ArchAo666|29%|YAVP] Pop goes the Apostle!

[4] [U|Ao100|100%|YAAM] Centurial Platinum - I love Nuclear Weapons!

[5] [U|Ao100|99%|YAVP] Centurial Platinum

[6] [M|Ao100|94%|YASD] Finally hit my stride as a Scavenger, lost to a barrel...

[7] [M|Ao100|93%|YAVP] My first time beating Angel of 100!

[8] [M|Ao100|YAAM] Centurial Sunrise

[9] [M|Ao100|100%|YAAM] Rip and Tear, Until it is DONE! (Third Centurial Win)


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