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[1] [U|AoSh|98%|YAVP] First UV win !!!

[2] [M|100%|YMFFW] Yet my first full victory, hurray! Testing out new version.

[3] [U|AoMr|YAAM] New tricks to the max!

[4] [H|AoB|YAAM] Gargulec aint got nothin' on me (Cleaver on dlvl2 :\)

[5] [H|AoMC|87%|YAVP] Thomas, this one's for you

[6] [M|AoHu|58%|YASD] My very first AoHu run

[7] [H|AoSh|100%|YAVP] some fun with new version.

[8] [M|100%|YAAM] Why did I take Ammochain again?

[9] [M|AoMr|86%|25|YASD] Found a couple rare items... Then I blew it.


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