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[1] [E|YAAM] Huh? No conqueror? :(

[2] [M|AoB|94%|YAFW] Full Berserker Win! (Grim Reaper too!)

[3] [M|AoSg|96%|24|YASD] Just got my Longinus Gold in completely the wrong challange

[4] [U][AoMc][YAAM] Good to go

[5] [M][AoShotgunery] YASD most sucessfull round soo far

[6] [M|AoSg|YASD|86%]took a shot at the full win and lost

[7] [H|100%|YAAM] Cleared HMP - Mortuary included!

[8] [M][AoSh][YASD] Friggin' Archie-Rocketskull combo

[9] [M][AoShotgunery] YASD this time a special level didnt killed me


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