Post Mortem


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[1] [1.6|H|AoMr|Te|YAAM] Luck and good gear brings me Golden Sharpshooting!

[2] [1.6|H|Haste|Te|YAVP] Hasty Blademaster gets the Gold!

[3] [1.6|H|AoB|Te|YAAM] My triumphant return, and Berserker Gold!

[4] [1.6|U|AoC|Ma|YAAM] Medusa's fang + Calamity = safe to go 100% kills

[5] [1.6|I|Royal|Ma|YAAM] A toxic crusader (Royal Diamond badge)

[6] [1.5a|N!|AoC|Sc|YAVP] First nightmare run in new game=3 platinums

[7] [1.5a|U|AoD|Sc|YAAM] The Super-est Shotgun (earns another platinum)

[8] [1.5a|H|Royal|Te|YAAM] Platinum for one hard level and a 35 level cakewalk

[9] [1.5a|I|Ma|YASD] Dual Inferno with Sylph


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