Post Mortem


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[1] [1.3a|U|Sc|YAAM] You look down and you see a tortoise...

[2] [1.3a|N!|Ma|Masterless|YAVP

[3] [1.3a|U|Sc|YAAM] Run 'n gun

[4] [1.3.0|H|Royal|YAAM] Platinum run

[5] [1.2d|N!|Te|YASD] Explored a little too far

[6] [1.2d|U|AoLT|YAAM] Lightfoot Platinum, and some rather funny gun generation RNG

[7] [1.2d|U|AoV|YAVP] Blood Platinum, where the final boss is 2/3 of the challenge

[8] [1.2d|H|Arena|YAAM] Arena Platinum, my first platinum in the new game

[9] [1.2.0|E|Ma|YAAM] Scrapgun Confusion


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