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Malek Deneith:
New topic for challenge modes.

Old challenge modes

Angel of Carnage
You start with a chaingun, and cant't unwield it. (easy challenge)

Angel of Fire
More lava is generated in the level, at many places. However, this alone make it easy (they will all kill themself) so all monsters should be immune from lava damage (or at least they should dodge it)

Angel of Massacre
All monsters generated are former humans, there is 2*more of them. (easy challenge)

Angel of Explosions 
All explosions are double (or 1.5 if double's too much) sized. Both enemy fire and your weapons, and barrels too. You could use this to your advantage with larger barrel explosions and rocket blasts, and the BFG taking out most of a level in a single shot, but even imp fireballs would now have sizeable explosions.

Angel of Realism
1. You start with green armour on.
2. Many humans drop armour (I mean, what are they doing without it?)
3. Enemies do INCREDIBLE damage if you have no armour on.
4. Enemies do normal damage if you do have armour on.
5. More armour is found randomly.(optional)

Angel of Balanced Traits
Cannot get a lvl-2-trait while having... let's say half of the lvl-1-traits ^^

Idea: Most players will have one "cool" trait like Cateye or Tough as nails on vl 3 before getting anything else. In this chalenge you would have to get first more than one on lvl 1, before you are allowed to get one on lvl 2.

Angel of Bad Experience
With every lvl-up you have to chose a trait, right? So... negate the bonuses! Instead of 10 more hit points lose 5 of the maximum, instead of sight radius plus one, lose one, instead of reload 20% faster, do it 20% slower, and so on.

Idea: Why are the traits only positiv? Traits could be negative, too - and as every role player should know: negative traits will add some fun to any game ;)

Angel of Fire Raiser
Every explosion (barrels, weapons, monsters, bla - you know, what creates explosions *g*) will set a field with a 50%-chance into lava.

Angel Of Ambush
All enemies are invisible untill they attack in any way. also, your sight radius is modified by -2 (meaning max level cateye will restore your sight radius to normal)

Angel of Angst
Every monster you kill requires you to sit through a randomly-generated bad poem.

Angel of Disease
You're dying of cancer -- as long as you're dying, why not take a few demons with you?  Your max HP goes down by 1 for every 1000 moves, to a minimum of 1 plus whatever you get from ironman.

Angel of Escape
You're fighting up to the surface.  You start with red armor and the BFG fighting the cyberdemon, and have to make it to the surface with ever-weaker weapons and limited supplies of ammo for your best weapons, while more and more former humans come against you...

Angel of Hallucinations
The game randomly assigns a new 'psychadellic' monkier (and new color/symbol) to every monster, weapon, special level, etc., at the beginning of the game.  You have no way of knowing what a 'monkey launcher' is until you fire it (is it the BFG or an advanced pistol?), and the 'menacing clown' (represented by a bright yellow c) might be the Cyberdemon, a Baron of Hell, or a former human.

Angel of Senility
You're pretty much the army's LAST hope.  You lose 1 XP per turn, unless you'd drop a level.

Angel of Sniping
Your sight range is increased by 5.  If enemies are close, your to-hit roll takes a (6-distance) penalty.  (Aaah!  Demons and lost souls!  Geddem off me!)

Angel of Ass-kicking
Your game MUST end with a 100% kill count

Angel of Energy
Plasma cells can be used as:
Health globes (2 per 1 HP)
Teleporters (20 per teleport)
Damage modifiers (5 per +dam per weapon per turn)
XP (1 per 8 XP points)

But, you find less health, less phase devices, less yellow {'s, get less XP and more plasma cells.

Angel of Skill
XP rate -50% (i.e things worth 20 xp become 10 xp)
All traits +50% (i.e ironman increases 15 health and cateye increases sight by 3 at level 2.)

Angel of Bones
Every death in this mode has a chance to produce so called bones-level (i.e save of the level - the name was taken from dungeoncrawl ^^'). Every time you play inj this mode again there is an chance that when you enter the same level that you died on that instead of random level an bones level will be used - containig ghost of you (hostile) carrying the same equipment as you at time of death, and having the same traits.

Angel of Radiance
You are bathed in a radiance that shines like a beacon to all the nasties bellow, Basically they have the equivilent to cats eye III and can shoot you from that distance (allthough in I'm too young to die it would be reduced to I cats eye, Hey not too rough - II, Ultra violence - IV and in Nightmare an impressive 5 extra spaces for monster sight!)

Angel of Cowardice
- you always are in coward mode
- you have an extra bonus in dodge and run
- you don't get xp for killing monsters
- at leave a level, you get xp for monsters you left alive

Angel of Pain
- you only get xp for every hurt you get
- when you get big hurts, there is a % that you get berserk

Angel of Apprentice
- you need more xp for advance an xp level

Angel of Exploration
- if you don't explore completily a level, you loose xp

Angel of Madness
- every time you advance one level, another ``angel of ...'' challenge is selected

Angel of Conflict
- Always in Aggressive mode(could be cautious. Or maybe even without restriction)
- Enemies sometimes attack each other when the player's around(could be, or not)
- Lot more enemies are generated
- Lot more weapons, armor, ammo, meds, and powerups are generated

Angel of Vengeance
- All damage gains a +1 bonus
- Additional +1 bonus on each level up
- All enemies killed will respawn to the next level

Angel of Love
- Always a level up when descending to next level
- Enemies can't be killed or harmed, with the exception of CD and JC

Angel of Poison
-Your life decays as if it were above 100%. (Badass trait still can slow it down, but can't nullify it)
-You gain a little of life every time you kill an enemy.
-Supercharges are disabled.
-More enemies spawned at every level.

Angel of Death
Basic concept: Enemies respawn like in N! but only a certain number of times depending on the level of difficulty.  However, you must have a 100% kill count on all ordinary levels or else you will not be able to go down the stairs ("You feel the presence of life drawing you up and away from the stairwell..").  Special levels will need to be handled differently; I'm thinking that a good policy might be that if you kill one enemy in an area like the UC or the Wall then you must go on to kill them all, or you can avoid them entirely by simply going to the stairs ("You quickly descend to the next level before the stench of life overwhelms you..").  Of course, for a perfect game you'll avoid them altogether, but some may want to visit different areas anyway.  It could also be that you have to choose between killing everything or avoiding everything on all the levels, but that doesn't seem to have quite the same bite as needing a 100% kill count even with only limited respawning to proceed. :P

Angel of Vampirism
Healing items don't work, but you gain a few hp whenever you kill an enemy.

Angel of Stupidity
Start with no traits, don't gain new traits as you level up.

Angel of Shotgun
Starts with standard Shotgun
Can only equip Shotguns/Combats/Double Shotguns
More shells are spawned in lower levels
Perhaps a guaranteed Advanced Combat Shotgun and Double Shotgun at certain level landmarks

Promoted Challenges

Angel of D&D
You get +5 HP per level, +1 to hit per level, and +5% to dodge every other level.  You get one trait at chargen, and one trait every three levels.

Angel of Nukes
You've been ordered to clear out Hell, no matter what.  Every time you enter a level, a nuke is dropped and armed, with a suitably long countdown (250 or 500 turns).

Malek Deneith:
Oforfsake... we gathered 35 challenges total O.o Poll added, decided not to sort them (too much work) and gave 4 votes per person since there is so many options.

From now on new proposals will be witheld untill:
a)At least two weeks of voting on previous poll pass
b)There are are at least 10 new proposals

If both conditions are met current poll will be ended, the results saved, and new poll for new proposals will be made.

[edit]Aghrrrr, I posted poll in wrong topic - wait a minute.


I voteth for Angels of D&D, Nukes, Skill, and Vengeance. Was this close of voting for Angel of Angst instead of Nukes, but I reckoned I'dn't because it's pretty much a silly joke and making it reality would ruin the joke.

I voted for Carnage, Massacre, D&D, and Escape.

And collecting these was a great idea. :)


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