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I picked D&D, Angst, Nukes and Hallucinations.
There wasn't anything like those yet :).

Oh crap ! Angel of Shotguns ! Dammit, I'm a blind one.

Hey, Angel of Bones needs more votes!
I like it the most. But, admittably, it also seems to be the hardest one to implement.

I didn't vote for Angel of Bones because I think the whole Bones thing should be integrated some other way, not as a "Challenge".

Bones wouldn't really work in DoomRL, with so little different kind of items and other special stuffs. In Nethack, they could've contained anything from Blessed Very Rusty +2 Long Sword to Partly Eaten Apple and everything between, including even such items that could only be found by a single character class out of thirteen, making the whole thing much more exciting and relevant.

Whoever said that bones have to be something major or ground braking? If there was a chance that a puny little former human with a pistol would just be named Former DaEezT it would be worth a chuckle to me.
Just a little fun, that's all.


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