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So I've discovered that the Valkyrie library pretty much kicks ass, good job Kornel.

After two or threes days of work -- including the time spent getting it set up, and figuring some stuff out about FreePascal  which I'd never really used much -- I've got a guy walking around, opening doors, picking up stuff, and -- the coolest thing -- walking around in a nice looking random dungeon courtesy of extending the TDungeonBuilder class. WAY quicker progress than any other roguelike project I've attempted.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Wow, finally someone (except Igor) tried it for real :). Although I must admit some big new features are coming soon -- I guess once people start using it I should start doing proper releases and changelogs.

Do you use the SVN version, or the one downloadable at the (insanely outdated :() website?

The SVN version. Though I did follow the tutorial from the website, it seemed mainly to work just fine except for having to change the Init constructor to Create, and having to Done destructor, I think. I compiled PasDocs of the SVN version of the library, and that helped a lot too, as well as Berserk (I'm basically learning FreePascal through your source code)

Man, though, Free Pascal has some weird syntax :)

Just finished LOS too actually, by copying Isaac Kuo's beamcasting code out of Berserk.

So what are these big new features planned, if your willing to tell?

Also, any chance of a lua scripting tutorial? I see the vlua module in the library, but so far have assumed it would be a bit too complicated to make learning it without a tutorial that easy.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
SVN? Good :D

Wierd syntax? Can you give an example?

As for features planned... at least those that can be seen in the BugTracker in the Valkyrie section -- generaly I plan to move as much as possible into valkyrie what can be shared between my roguelikes (TAutoTarget was one such example).

Yeah, a Lua scripting tutorial, and a new roguelike tutorial might appear as soon as I redo the Valkyrie webpage :P.


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