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Weird stuff in Valkyrie


Igor Savin:
procedure TTextModeOutput.DrawChar(x,y : byte; atr : byte; chr : char; Color : TColor = 0);
  VideoBuf^[(x-1)+(y-1)*ScreenSizeX] := Ord(chr)+(atr shl 8);


What is the "Color" here for?


Also, maybe you should update

type TINIFileCallbackProcedure = procedure (const nkey,nvalue : string);


function InputCommandParser(const Token : String) : byte;

TTokenReader = function(const Token : string) : byte;

type TINIEntry = record
                   a : ShortString;

to use ShortStrings, in order to avoid error messages like

E:\Elwin\Yhacking\Pascal\Valk\vui.pas(836,47) Error: Incompatible type for arg no. 1: Got "<address of procedure(const ShortString,const ShortString);Register>", expected "<procedure variable type of procedure(const AnsiString,const AnsiString);Register>"

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Color is implemented only in those interfaces that support it :P. As for the second one, I need to competely rewrite vini anyway soon.

Igor Savin:
TTokenReader in vInput would still benefit from clarifying type of String used.


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