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Questions about Caceri (I know I spelt it wrong)


Hi, While reading the forums I have gathered that Kornel (Dev of DoomRL) is planning to release the engine used to build DoomRL: Caceri.

What I would like to know is an outline on how building new Roguelikes from Caceri will work and if the source of DoomRL will be included.

Thanks for your time

Santiago Zapata:
AFAIK, Carceri is not the DoomRL Engine; it is a different engine intented to work with human readable datafiles and optionally lua bindings.

We should probably get Carceri and DiabloRL subfora here...  ^^;

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Carceri is a seperate project. More about it will be announced this year. As for now, I can tell, that it will allow the user to create a simple coffee-break roguelike with NO programming experience. People willing to take the time to learn a few things about Lua will be able to create something more complex (although still limited by the Engine limitations). I may prepare a Doom-themed modul some day ;-).

As far as Carceri and DiabloRL they will get their own Forums once I make proper webpages for them ^_^.

Thanks for the info


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