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A Note Regarding Multiple Mods


In both of the threads that are in this forum so far, people have more or less said that you shouldn't be able to do that.

This is silly. If you disallow it, it will just make people add more stuff to the mod they already have, and it will force them to reverse engineer a bunch of junk, and what they have will eventually become a totally gross and ugly ball of code.

Are there problems with having more than one mod loaded? Yes, there frequently will be. So? If there's a conflict, let the modder figure it out so they can change their work to make it fit with whatever they want it to fit with. Hacking away at arcane trash like that is half the fun of coding, isn't it? :p

Kornel Kisielewicz:

--- Code: ---require(MOD_STUFF)

--- End code ---



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