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Buggy Citizens


Found a bug. Not sure if it’s being reported but here goes.
Apparently not only do citizens stop you from using your crossbow when nearby but you also can’t move on to the next day if there’re any of them left alive on the map. Just on whose side are they on anyway?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
OMG! You mean that a citizen lived through the night? My, I thought that was impossible :D

The poor sod was hiding in a corner of some hut. Most monsters must have just not seen him or something. Must suck to be him, though:
“The daemons have all gone. Thank God! If not for you stranger… how can I ever repa- bleeEGGHHH!!"

Sorry for necroing the topic.

This also happened to me twice.
First time was when a citizen was hiding in a place like this near the left-down corner of the map:

#@         #

Second time I saw a citizen in the right-down corner in the open space.
I was able to kill the citizen in the first case by sword, but in the second case I had to use a knife, because of the message: "Let them survive... a little bit longer" (or sth like that).


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