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Author Topic: Known Bugs - check here before you post! []  (Read 16378 times)

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Known Bugs - check here before you post! []
« on: January 29, 2006, 19:58 »

The following is a list of known bugs, or issues that are known not to be bugs. If you see any of these during your game experience, please do not report them in the forum.

  • My game crashed while I was playing Angel of Marksmanship/Shotgunnery/Pacifism when I won/died!
    • There's a bug in the current release that causes the game to crash if an enemy dies while you're carrying a melee weapon you can't attack with on a weapon-restricted challenge. The crash itself won't occur until after the game ends (that is, upon death or victory). It has been fixed for the next release: we apologize that the bug made its way into A more detailed explanation and precautions towards avoiding this crash can be found here.
  • Fireangel doesn't seem to be doing what it's supposed to.
    • The Fireangel master trait is currently bugged not to work. It's been fixed for the next release: we apologize that the bug made its way into
  • I just saw a barrel explode before the shot reached it. WHERE'S THE CAUSALITY?
    • This is not a mechanical bug but rather an animated one: it does not have an effect on the gameplay. It will be fixed in due time, some cases being granted exceptions to simultaneous animation, others outright improved in terms of causality.
  • Help! I'm being attacked and there's no one in sight!
    • This is an unfortunate side-effect of the current vision algorithm. It will be fixed in due time.
  • I got a full victory, but I didn't get any badges or medals for it. What the heck?
    • This is intentional: a full victory does not imply that the game has been "won". There are conditions by which the game will award you a standard or full victory, but without surviving the full-victory boss: in these cases, you will not receive badges or medals that require you to complete the game. Note that, in a later release, partial victories may also differ from standard victories in terms of awarding certain badges and medals.
  • Why aren't my projectiles hitting the enemy whenever they get knocked back?
    • There is currently an inconsistency between a projectile's calculated path and the direction at which enemies are knocked back. This will be fixed in due time.
  • Why does it feel like I barely deal any damage to an enemy that's directly hit by the BFG9000?
    • Currently, knockback is calculated and occurs before damage is taken, so the victim only takes damage based on where it lands after knockback, rather than its original position. This will be fixed in due time.
  • I dropped an item and now I can't find it anywhere!
    • This behavior is expected: Items will occasionally drop behind walls or into hazardous terrain, the latter of which will actually destroy the item. This is because only one item can exist on a single tile, so the game will search for the nearest unoccupied tile relative to the player before the item is placed.
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