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I realy like this idea

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me and my bro were looking for a diablo Rouge Like and i found this im impressed with the game play however im curios to know if this like most RLs is going to be harder than the actual game itself
i mean diablo one is hard enough by its self

Yep. That's the point of Rogue Likes, to be damned difficult.

Ehm. What's difficult about Diablo? You just lvl up, beat up monsters, sometimes you die... if you play Hardcore, then yeah - that's difficult.

Diablo one, is damn near impossible unless you get lucky and get some good items cause enemies dont respawn so you pretty much have to kill everything, and the enemies are always in overwhelming groups that almost always kill you in ten seconds flat

oh and PS Diablo three has beens announced there is a bunch of screenshots of it at this url

I'm not sure what Diablo you were playing, but Diablo 1 isn't that hard. Play smart, lure the enemies away and kill them in small numbers.


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