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I have a feeling that there are surprisingly many programmers in here compared to the size of this community. Maybe we could get some minor discussion here? :)

I have programmed about three years. I started with C++ and I'm still using it. At the moment I have one "serious" project, which is *surprise, surprise* a roguelike. Though I'm keeping it pretty hidden at the moment because I'm a slow developer (I've got many other things to do too). That means the game won't be released very soon. This is my first real project so I can't show anything now.

Maybe you other programmers would like to tell something about your projects, skills and stuff? :)

I'm an untalented programmer, I can only use BASIC and a little C++, and I couldn't begin to think how you're supposed to make a rougelike.

But I've made blackjack! Want to play a couple of hands? :P

Personally I am only profecient in Megazeux ( and Game Maker (Original name, no?(

My current project is a top over space deathmatch game..

Unfortunatly the project has suffered so many setbacks its not funny..

That and the fact that homework is as hard as hell lately.

Malek Deneith:
I know (Turbo) Pascal and C++ (self-learned ;P) ... havn't done any seroius projects ... well I did start makin an D&D character generator once but never quite finished it (usually when I start coding It I start mor or less from scratch ^^')

Quoting: AnticheesePersonally I am only profecient in Megazeux ( and Game Maker (Original name, no?(

echeese? =P.

I used Megazeux once upon a time, though now I only hang about on the forums. Gonna try to get myself together and learn Java. Know some *VERY* basic... Basic. And C++. Really basic stuff.


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