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Zephyre Syx:
Now that the floors of hell will be deeper'n'eva on a harder difficulty, why not more level types to enjoy on the way down (and limiting most type if played on a easier level).

Now I don't remember much of doom myself, because it's been a while so some support of some ideas will really be helpful(and I'm cheating by looking at a doom strategy guide).

Hell's jail type - Much I mention on the previous forum, it's not really a literal jail(from hell, heh) but monsters are in small rooms behind bars, shooting at you (which the impassible bars can be shown as a colon).

Chapel type - okey, my brain died at this point and I don't really know if their is such a thing.  But it's like a special level but the level is generated in a structured building.  (Oh god, it's a bad idea already).  But I was thinking about those nice dead trees I be seeing in the final part of doom.  Maybe just trees about and single room buildings about.

Void - this is my own.  Blank spaces are bottomless void.  To fall off into the void is by force (and not just walling into it).  So wielding a shotgun is recommended for quick work on grounded monsters.  Be prepared to run to solid ground when you see cacodemons floating over it and you are in a two space wide bridge-like platform }=).

That's all from me for now.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
My, how I love such posts -- packed full of ideas :-).

Quoting: Zephyre SyxHell's jail type
Unfortunately the AI is too stupid to handle tiles that you can see/shoot through, and not walk through -- but after I redesin the AI it could be frustrating fun :-).

Quoting: Zephyre SyxChapel type
Kheh, like the City-type level with less buildings and adding tree's right? F***, the Dungeon Generator needs a rewrite too :-/

Quoting: Zephyre SyxVoid
This one I like the best :-D. Also needs an improved AI, but I wonder that if Doom would go the campaign way, this could be a transitional level type between different buildings in hell :-D

All good ideas, glad to ehar more DoomRL improvements are on foot

Hell's maze:

Like maze of rooms but a lot more confusing. No doors, just teleporters.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Quoting: ThomasLike maze of rooms but a lot more confusing. No doors, just teleporters.
This could get annoying as... well, "Hell" :-P. I think a standard maze-type level would be more playable. My maze I mean, many twisted passages and no rooms :-).


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