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Valkyrie doesn't work with FPC 2.2.2!

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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Valkyrie doesn't and will not work with FPC 2.2.2. The reason is that 2.2.2 has broken generics support ( surprisingly 2.2.0 has proper support ) as seen in this bug report :

Using the destructor overriding of generics is one of the core mechanics used by Valkyrie, so there is no way to circumvent this problem.

Till the next version of FPC comes out I fully encourage you to use 2.2.0. As the download of 2.2.0 is not available on the freepascal homepage, here's a link to an archived version:

Windows :
Linux :
Other :

Just as a heads up for anyone that's looking for a 2.2.0 release of Free Pascal, the binaries are still up on SourceForge, just not very easy to find (At least for me..the above links posted by Kornel no longer exist from what I can tell).  I've included the direct link to the 2.2.0 win32 release below:

Happy coding ; )

Igor Savin:
What about 2.2.4?

Bugreport is still open, but maybe bug suffered some collateral damage (there were some generics-related fixes) and died?..

Kornel Kisielewicz:
I did a preliminary try and it seems to work. Any more testing widely appriciated.

Igor Savin:
Happy days and jubilation!
Then as soon as I get my personal life back, I'll make a swing at it...


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