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Valkyrie doesn't work with FPC 2.2.2!

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Igor Savin:
Hmm, can't compile it with Lazarus\2.2.4

D:\SVN\FP\Valk\vds.pas(76,8) Error: Duplicate identifier "_T"

That is the

       constructor Create(InitialSize : DWord = 16; IncrementSize : DWord = 0);

line, corresponding to

generic TManagedArray<_T> = class(TUnmanagedObjectArray)
       // Standard constructor, reserves InitialSize slots for the array.
       // Increment size is the minimal size of expansion. If no IncrementSize is
       // specified then the array size is doubled each time it runs out of space.
       constructor Create(InitialSize : DWord = 16; IncrementSize : DWord = 0);     

What is wrong here?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Should work with the version from SVN :).

Note : FPC Valkyrie moved to

Igor Savin:
Confirmed: it does work indeed.


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