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  • June 23, 2024, 21:35
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Author Topic: Start aiming reticle in the same place as the previous shot  (Read 1545 times)


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If there's no enemy in sight to autotarget, and if the player fired somewhere (or reloaded) the previous turn, if the player elects to fire, have the reticle start where the player fired the previous turn.

This mainly benefits players who are firing blindly into a place where they think/know an enemy is located, or even just to check if there are enemies.  For example, when I open a door to a hall perpendicular to my current movement direction, I will stay in the open door tile and fire 3 or so shots each direction into the hall and listen for grunts.  It's good to fire a couple shots because if one shot misses, it's still quite possible there's an enemy down the hall, but with 3 or so, it's much less likely, and then the player can move out safely.
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