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Angle of Death:
I have a couple of ideas for unique items.

1. Grafter

This is a mod that lets you graft any single item into your own body. The effects would vary by the individual item. Suggestions: (Remember, this is a one-time only thing)

Armor: Gives you permanent armor 1 + half of the current value of the armor used, plus any other effects.

Weapon: Allows the weapon to remain available without taking up inventory space.

Medkits: Adds 10% small/20% large to max health. (So you would go to 110 % or 120% without decaying.

Weapon mods: Gives one level of the appropriate trait.

Damage:  Son of a bitch
Accuracy: Eagle Eye
Reload: Reloader
Magazine: ??

Nuke: The nuke will detonate if you are killed

Alternatively, it could be used when standing on a corpse to gain the ranged attack of that corpse. (By grafting part of the monster onto yourself)
Submachine Gun

This is based on the "Submachine Gun" from Red Faction

Damage:    2d4x3 OR 1d8x3
Accuracy:    +0
Base Fire Time:    1.0 second
Base Reload Time:    2.0 seconds
Clip Size:    20
Ammunition:  10mm OR Cells
Special Reload:    Loads cells instead of 10mm
Quote on pickup:    Death: Now in bite size!
Ingame Description:    A compact weapon for any situation.

Basically, it's a combination Chaingun/plasma rifle. I figure that it would be most useful as a secondary weapon to take advantage of otherwise useless ammo. (In other words, shotgun users)

Target pistol

Damage:    2d4
Accuracy:    +20
Base Fire Time:    1.0 second
Base Reload Time:    1.2 second
Clip Size:    6
Ammunition:    10mm ammo
Special Reload:    N/A
Quote on pickup:    They'll never see it coming!
Ingame Description:    A scoped 10mm pistol.

The perfect long-range weapon.

I've got a couple other ideas, but I need to work on them.

Skynet 2.0:
I like the idea of being able to gain a trait through some other way than a level up, and being able to graft on an arm cannon. The monster corpse thing wouldn't work out though, as then it would have to address if the abilities of the monsters came from their biology, or some hellish influence, which the games left open-ended.

Angle of Death:
For weapon grafting, I was thingking more along the lines of mounting it on the shoulder than the arm (so you could still use big guns logically.) What I don't know is how it would affect dualgunner.

Well, now that there's a more recent topic for ideas for uniques, I don't have to resurrect the age-old one.

-From: Well, there's a lot of games that have MP40s, and it was an actual World War II-era gun last I checked...

--- Quote ---Damage: 1d8x4  
Accuracy: +5
Base Fire Time: 1.0 second
Base Reload Time: 1.2 second
Clip Size:  32
Ammunition: 10mm ammo
Special Reload:  N/A
Quote on pickup: N/A
Ingame Description: An antique infantry weapon.

--- End quote ---
-Intent: This was designed to be just a more potent chaingun.  Fires one less bullet per volley and has a smaller clip, but is more accurate, more damaging, and most of all, MUCH faster to reload.  (You'd be surprised how important that is.)

-From: Rise of the Triad

--- Quote ---Damage: 8d6
Accuracy: +4
Base Fire Time: 1.0 second
Base Reload Time: 1.5 second
Clip Size: 1
Ammunition: Rockets
Special Reload:  N/A
Quote on pickup: We'll bury them in a lunchbox!
Ingame Description: Nothing short of fiery death.  Make sure it doesn't backfire.
Notes: The explosion for this weapon is quite different.  Instead of a round blast radius, it explodes in an 'X' shape, with one of the 'arms' being focused on the direction the weapon was fired from.  The 'X' is 6 squares in each direction from the point of impact, and anything within 1 square of the actual blast takes partial damage.
--- End quote ---
-Intent:  Different style of rocket launcher - more damaging (I believe the Firebomb was about twice as damaging as the Bazooka, the equivalent weapon to Doom's Rocket Launcher, in Rise of the Triad, but I had to tone it down in this case) but exploding in a much different and potentially much more dangerous pattern.

Note that I DEFINITELY need better ingame descriptions for these.  I also need to work on the quote on pickup for the Firebomb - the one there now is the first one that came to mind, one alternate was 'Ludicrous gibs!', but neither one feels right.  (But both are quotes - the 'lunchbox' one slightly altered - from Rise of the Triad, the game where this particular Firebomb came from.)


--- Code: ---Blaster Rifle
From: Might and Magic 6, Might and Magic 7
Damage:    9d3
Accuracy:    +0 (Shotgun)
Base Fire Time:    .75 second
Base Reload Time:   Move speed
Clip Size:    10
Ammunition:    Self-Charging on step.
Special Reload:    N/A
Quote on pickup:    And I thought I had seen it all...
Ingame Description:    It feels like something out of a bad sci-fi/fantasy series...
Intent: Well, we do have a Blaster from the same series...
--- End code ---

About weapon grafting... What would happen if you tried to graft a unique weapon?


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