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Madness? THIS...IS...PHOBOS!!!

I was dicking around with T-Search the other day, making a set-damage weapon. Then I thought "Hmm... unlock HP, see how far I can get with a One-Shot-Kill or Run weapon". Got to the fifth floor before getting killed... best used with Cateye(2) and Intuition(3). Reload time's a bitch with something like this, and it's suicide if you don't have a crowd-control weapon as backup. It doesn't even benefit from Shottyman (which would make this overpowered, to be honest).

Ergo, Golden Gun = Awesome, but impractical.

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GG gun could be nice for AoMr - for shotting behind sight range and hitting monsters there.

tone down the accuracy a bit. in all those bond FPS's, it is a one hit kill(against normal, non-possessed humans), but it's not as if the bullet tracks enemies.

Kornel, is there a chance to miss with +99 accuracy weapon like this ?


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