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Captain Trek:

--- Quote from: raekuul on January 25, 2009, 14:44 ---About weapon grafting... What would happen if you tried to graft a unique weapon?

--- End quote ---

I'd figure it just wouldn't work, like trying to use a weapon mod on a unique... Alternatively, you could of course just make it so grafting worked for uniques as well...

How about something like a hell staff that, instead of teleporting, acts like an on-demand computer map? Maybe the Eyes of Hell?

Angle of Death:
I had intended to make unique weapons graftable. They're so rare anyway that I don't think having one not take a slot would make much difference.

I gots one!

The Golden Gun.

--- Code: ---Damage:    16d1
Accuracy:    +99
Base Fire Time:    1.1 second
Base Reload Time:    1.0 second
Clip Size:    1
Ammunition:    10mm ammo
Special Reload:    N/A
Quote on pickup:    "A gun that holds only one bullet... this is madness!"
Ingame Description:    The Assassin's best friend.
--- End code ---

Heh. That's cute. Totally and absolutely worthless, but cute.


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