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Sum Gai:
The stun is a pretty awesome idea.

I figured a large effect wouldn't be that big a deal for a unique drop. After all we find medpacks all over the place.

An idea from Pixel Dungeon: if you die and respawn, you lose all the inventory.
Probably it will be left lying at the "death" location. This should make a pretty pitiful respawn, especially if a Hell Baron picks up your spare Red Armor [N] and 6 Large Medkits. You might wish you died instead :-E

Repulsion Armor (2) (rare, not unique). Melee 80%, bullet 15%, shrapnel 15%.
An aura of unknown force field glows around this armor!
Feature: hitting an enemy with your fist causes titanic kickback, throwing him literally through the whole level unless a wall stops him.

New decade, new version in beta, new unique idea:

M6D Magnum Pistol
12 round magazine, high accuracy, very high damage, and has a scope that extends visibility when targeting

It's from Halo CE and is so infamous it has its own Wikipedia page:


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