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Kornel Kisielewicz:
OMG! Sambojin, contact us at IRC #chaosforge @ This is God-sent!

Will do, but not immediately. Think of me just rocking up to work late. I've got a few days of work currently (4pm until midnight) so I'll have to do that. Real life work and money, but I'd love to do some spriting and tiling for free. Give Mr Yu a yell and see if he wants to chuck the occaisional thing into NewIPRL. A design doc is all we need...... A spriter doesn't just make itsy-bitsy graphics, we help make good games look pretty. That needs good graphic coders to work with spriters. I learnt everything I know from making sprites in a similar fashion to Derek's work. But yeah, I'm in. Hopefully we can get a framework going so both coders and graphics makers can work hand in hand.

Sambojin:,5854.0.html Way less whingy than before.......

This topic. It's not just for graphics people, coders can put in their 2 cents as well. It's ChaosForge. There is a shit load of talent, so it deserves discussion. Graphics are graphics. Code is code. They're all pretty. Why seperate them?

I like pretty, sparkly things. That's why I'd do tiles and sprites for ChaosForge..........

And my HydraIRC just doesn't want to connect to Quakenet. I'll just randomly post and annoyingly msg you. Because I can.

I use HydraIRC as well, and can have issues connecting. Try several different mirrors until you find one that works for you.


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