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Special Map #s?


I'm currently in the middle of replacing the soundtrack and was wondering which spec#s in the musicmp3.ini file correspond with which special level.

So far I've got

spec1 Hell's Arena
spec2 Chained Court
spec3 Hell's Armory? I think

Ok, after doing some experimentation, I had set my mp3s to be

--- Code: ---spec1     = "mp3/05 - MOTOR HEAD -Tager-.mp3"; //Hell's Arena <-- each of these labels was based off of the assumption that this is the order that you would normally experience each special level
spec2     = "mp3/11 - Marionette Purple -Carl-.mp3"; //Chained Court
spec3     = "mp3/14 - Imperial Code -Jin vs Noel-.mp3"; //The Wall
spec4     = "mp3/04 - Bullet Dance -Noel-.mp3"; //Hell's Armory
spec5     = "mp3/21 - Blood Pain -Mirror-.mp3"; //Halls of Carnage
spec6     = "mp3/13 - Under Heaven Destruction -Ragna vs Jin-.mp3"; //Unholy Cathedral
spec7     = "mp3/06 - Catus Carnival -Taokaka-.mp3"; //The City of Skulls
spec8     = "mp3/05_riches_in_me.mp3"; //The Vaults
spec9     = "mp3/08 - Thin RED Line -Arakune-.mp3"; //The Spider's Lair
spec10    = "mp3/18 - Open The Gate -V13 Appears-.mp3"; //The Lava Pits
spec11    = "mp3/15 - White Requiem -Ragna vs Rachel-.mp3"; //The Mortuary

--- End code ---

However, what happened was far, far different.

Since I was doing a Berserker Game (as Ragna The Bloodedge, hurr.), I made my first stop at the Chained Court, expecting to hear Marionette Purple. However, I heard Motor Head, which is labelled as Spec1 (Hell's Arena) instead of Marionette. I thought it was weird, but figured maybe spec1 was Chained Court and spec2 was Hell's Arena. I continued as normal anywayand made it down to floor 10, where I went to Hell's Armory to pick up the 4 blue armors. This time, Bullet Dance played (spec4, which I predicted correctly)

To test my theory about chained court and hell's arena, I decided to do a quick run to Hell's Arena as fast as possible, and when I got there, Bullet Dance played again, which makes no sense following my current logic.

So how exactly do the spec#s work?

EDIT: Worse yet, I went back to Hell's Armory, and this time it played Imperial Code! Does DoomRL just pick spec map BGMs at random?

Yeah, I've noticed the special music not working too. It's really annoying, actually.

I believe you haven't ordered the last few correctly, I'm pretty sure that UC, lava pits, mort and vaults are all at the end because they were "tacked on" to the end when Kornel added them in to later versions.


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