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Aristarh Smertin:
Important-English not native for me, so i sorry for all grammatical mistakes, i hope you will  understand my posts.

Little Introduction-Hello from cold Russia,comrades!  Some weeks ago i discovered roguelike genre and it was FANTASTIC! Now i can't stop playing ADOM,Incursion and Dungeon Crawl-Stone Soup . And DoomRL-ohhh...amazing...double shotgun my favorite. "Spasibo" (Big Thanks) to Creator of such nice game.

Main part -So i get one important thing-many Roguelikes writen on FreePascal + Lazarus with some optionaly libraries such is Valkyrie.
I hope  i will get some time to start to develop my own Roguelike (or my university study blow my head up).
I know what developing-is very hard path. But i want to upgrade my skills in programming( now i can only solve maths tasks,work with arrays,work with const,variables in Pascal)

First Question: I need worked chain of FPC&Lazarus. I cant make it work together. help me please (my system is winXP x32)
Second: How use libraries(Valkyrie) in FP? i just never collided with what (such awful world "collide" but i forget similar)
Third: Where i can get "getting started" tutorials for roguelikes development on FP?(i already read all on RogueBasin)
And the last one: where i can get FP tutorials?(index of commands,examples)

P.S. My target - Not Nethack Killer#666, just understand a craft, improving programming skills, having fan at last (pain in *ss as alternative).
Thank you for yours pation.

Note: my local time is 22.03 when my post last modified in 12.04, so don't be shocked if my posts will appeard in deep night.

Igor Savin:
Zdorovo, tovarisch!

PM me your contacts, either Skype, GoogleTalk or ICQ, and I can arm-walk you through all the basics.

Anywya, I recommend you using the following Lazarus:

I will package latest SVN Valkyrie for you tomorrow.


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