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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Quoting: AertonHey, no! That just was a (stupid) joke :-(
Don't worry, I just used it as a excuse to post the official ranks :-D

Quoting: jake250Sure there isn't realy a way to make a realy good ranking system for a forum, but I still think this one is bad.
So you propose to remove it altogether? I think it's fun, as long as people don't take it too seriously ;-).

Quoting: AertonI hope, you will end up swiftly and mercilessly banned in such case.
Yup. And I prupose that people post only when they got something too add to the discussion. Let me make myself clear -- off-topic posts are cool and I like them, but there is a difference between spamming and posting off topic (In other words -- no Igor, it was not aimed at you, it was aimed at some other guy, you probably know who ^_^)

Quoting: ThomasI think there should be 1 more rank, in between hell knight and baron of hell.

Yup, valid point. I'll take a look at it :-).

Also I think about adding images that reflect rank -- there is almost always enough place below the post to add a 80x80 image -- you like this idea, guys?

So we'll have a picture/ASCII art under our name reflecting our rank? Good idea.

Quoting: ThomasSo we'll have a picture/ASCII art under our name reflecting our rank? Good idea.


P.S. How about having a lot of ranks so all doom monsters get in on the fun
(IE.Invisi pinkie, mancubus, chaingunner person, etc)

IMO that'd be too many ranks, most forums only have 5-7. Also we already have ASCII art for the Doom I monsters.

well, I think the other monsters will feel left out

*hears invisible pinky scratching on door, feeling left out*---Now ain't that rude of you thomas??


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