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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Long time no updates in this thread! I promise I will be more diligent from now on!

The update list : Damerell, spooky fox, Kolya, Smokey899, lishain, UltimateChaos, rchandra, enne, KoboldPrime, grommile, mcz117chief, Brutalist, UnderAPaleGreySky, Blade, raekuul, nilhaus, Game Hunter, Shinji_Ikari_9th, XC3N, Sereg, scotherns, Argent Hawk, dougjoe2e, Mrazerty, Battleguy, Aerdan, Dihotom

Top 10 -- from now on, due to the hardness of keeping a list by hand, I will base the list on ChaosForge treasury -- what it means is that the TOP 10 list wont take into account donations before October 2010. Still, the new leader is unquestionable -- much love to thelaptop!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
February updates!

February has been an absolutely GREAT month for ChaosForge, thanks to all the great people here :). We managed to get a total of $447.29, which was almost 150% of the donation goal. I didn't stay ungrateful, and DoomRL BETA 1 is already in testing -- and BETA 2 will follow soon!

Thank you everyone for your support, you're great! :D

Updates : DeathDealer, Fidsah, BrickGun , Aerdan, Fanta Hege, beef623, Thexare, MY SPATULA, Sihoiba, asche, Battleguy, Tim James, MICU

Top 10: UnderAPaleGreySky enters Top 10 at position #9!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
March updates!

It's absolutely fantastic -- thanks to you all, we managed to beat the February record with a astounding $540.85 in donations, which was more than 150% of the original goal! :) BETA 3 is coming in the donator section, work is done on the Graphical version, and Stardreamer is getting a prototype built!

Thank you everyone for your support!

Updates : Tuor Huorson, Yando The Man, Cirrus

Top 10 : thanks to continued donations from existing supporters there have been quite a few changes in Top 10 -- MaiZure enters #3 just a step above #4, UnderAPaleGreySky rockets up to #6 gaining the Supporter of Chaos rank, and Fidsah enters as #7 nearing to the rank as well!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
April updates!

You people are still being EPIC! Again we beat the March record with $551.12 in donations, which was again more than 150% of the original goal (not even counting alias'es unexpected and heart warming donation! :)). I am not ungrateful -- tommorow everyone will have their hands on DoomRL!

Thank you everyone for your support, and please keep the Forge running!

Updates : Burrito Al Pastor, appuru, TheDrill

Top 10 : again, much happens in Top 10 -- an epic donation skyrockets alias to #3, yet MaiZure strengthens his position being a threat to both him and Tavana. Fidsah increases his support and becomes Supporter of Chaos along with alias! UnderAPaleGreySky overtakes Kaz and is just a step below long time supporter zaimoni!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
May updates!

Quite late because the chaos of attending E3, but here we are! This update includes ONLY May donations -- any June updates will be posted in 10 days!

Thank you everyone for your support, and please keep the Forge running!

Updates : spiderwebby, slartie, Sirdec, yupsi, Marxist, Killiox

Top 10 : thelaptop increases his domination as #1 and tehtmi enters at #9!


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