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Kornel Kisielewicz:
June was a slow month, and we didn't even reach 50% of the goal, however it is summer, so it's understandable that people don't sit at home and play! Let's count on a better month July!

Updates: General Patton, Mackeary
Top 10: UnderAPaleGreySky overtakes zaimoni entering TOP 5,  tehtmi and Game Hunter become Supporters of Chaos, reaching #8 and Top #9 respectively!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
July and August updates! On the eve of it's time to do an Top 10 update, and there's really stuff to be updated! While July was a weak month, August more than made it up thanks to MaiZure! And I don't stay ungrateful -- will be released today!

Updates : alver, bgrunge, notule,
phlebas, aimozg, Yamstis, srimech, BirdoPrey, action52
Top 10 : Most importantly, MaiZure comes back with a vengeance, taking #2 and starting to be a true competitor for the #1 place! Game Hunter rises to #6! tehtmi overtakes Kaz keeping his #8 position!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
September and October updates! made it out, however donations were slow. However, that doesn't mean the forge will slow down! Time for a Top 10 update!

Updates : gilgatex, Lochness, Stargoat, Valgard, Kazinsal, Super_Bricklayer, LordSloth, ungin, dtsund, Kvaak and slave

Top 10 : Game Hunter rises to Top #5!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
November Updates!

Updates : Zalminen, Anarchic Fox, DuBistKomisch, theduck101, GrimmC, Elephant, Matt_S, slave and  El Gringo (including the winners of the Strategy contest!)

Top 10 : No changes

Due to the amount of follow up people to the Top 10 list, I'm considering changing to Top 15 next month, stay tuned! For the interested, the followup 5 people currently are:

11. Anarchic Fox
12. Blade
13. Passionario
14. slave
15. ParaSait

Kornel Kisielewicz:
December Updates!

It was a great month, and a big thanks is coming your way very soon - stay tuned for the release of! Moreover supporters can expect the first graphical BETA soon!

Updates : zchris13, Uite, Reverend Bizarre, aEj and Bunkov

Top 10 : no changes, but we introduce Top 15 in which we had changes :)

11. DaEezT
12. Anarchic Fox
13. Blade
14. zchris13
15. slave

Also, due to the bounty on, this month might prove quite interesting!


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