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Shioban 'Toy' Sully

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Endurance: 9 (+2)
Strength: 5  (-1)
Dexterity: 15 (+3)
Intellect: 5 (-1)
Education: 5 (-1)
Social Standing: 2 (-2)

Streetwise 1
Engineer (electronics)
Deception 1
Recon 1
Athletics (endurance) 1
Gun Combat (slug rifles) 2
Gun Combat (slug pistols) 1
Stealth 1
Persuade 1
Vacc Suit
Sensors 1

Standard Commonwealth Marine gear, colt .45 with three spare clips, improved flak jacket, various personal items. 74 rounds.

Physical description
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Shioban is a exact opposite of stereotypical marine. In fact, she is the last person which you would imagine as marine. Being no higher than 165 cm, and of very slender build, she looks more like a teenager than jaded soldier. Moreso, when in full Commonwealth Marines battle dress she looks outright silly- smallest helm in the armory is too spacey for her head, and so the amour. Heck, even the pulse rifle looks way too big in her hands. Not too mention intensely red hair, certainly too long, against the regs.

But, anyway, she is a Marine. It is visible in the way she walks, way she speaks and way she fights.

Old photo of her, made during shore leave:

Classified (or at least she says so).

Malek Deneith:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Name: Hagazi
Age: 42
Homeworld: Desert
Rank: Lieutenant/Strike Specialist

Medals: Three combat ribons, purple heart

Str 10 (+1)
Dex 10 (+1)
End 8 (+0)
Int 7 (+0)
Edu 8 (+0)
Soc 8 (+0)

Protection: 6+2.5+2=10

Athletics (Endurance) 0
Comms 0
Computers 1
Deception 1
Drive (Tracked) 0
Explosives 0
Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 4
Heavy Weapons (Launcher) 1
Leadership 1
Medic 0
Melee (Large Blade) 2
Navigation 1
Recon 1
Sensors 0
Stealth 1
Streetwise 1
Survival 0

Assault Rifle (Range: Rifle, Damage: 3d6 SAP, Magazine: 30/30, Auto: 4, Recoil: 0*, Weight 4)
->2 Assault Rifle Mags
->Assault Rifle Mag (0/30)
->Assault Rifle Mag (28/30)
->2 Assault Rifle Anti-Armor Mags
->2 Assault Rifle DSAP Mags
->Rifle-mounted Grenade Launcher (Range: Shotgun, Damage: By warhead, Magazine: 1/1 [Fragmentation], Weight: 2)
-->4 Fragmentation Grenades (Launcher, Damage: 5d6/3d6/1d6)
-->3 Incendinary Grenades (Launcher, Damage: 3d6 - flame, contact, 1d6 - burst radius)
-->2 HEAP Grenades (Launcher, Damage: 6d6 AP)
->Toughened Electronic Telescopic Sight (x1.5 cost, durable, Weight: 1.8)
->Gyrostablizer (Reduces recoil by 1)
Monoblade (Damage: 2d6+5, Heft: -2, Weight: 1)
Improved Cloth (Protection: 5, Weight: 1)
Improved Flak Jacket (Protection: 6, Weight: 2)
Heavy Leg Protector (Protection 3: Weight: 2.5)
Light Infantry Helmet (Protection 5, Weight: 2)
->Friend or Foe HUD
20 FoF HUD Transponders
Filter Mask
10 Improved Purification Tabs
Personal Field Kit
10 Free-Standing Illuminating Flares
Infrared Goggles
Improved First Aid Kit
Trauma Pack (TL 12, Weight: 0.5)
Portable Mediscanner
Combat Drug (2 doses)
2 Breaching Charges
Geiger Counter (TL 8)
1- meters of Improved Rope
5,950 credits

Encumberance: 15.1/18

^Skills from skill package, prone to change if new meat appears
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Witheld, ha! Try to drag it out of me, I dare ya :P
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Short black hair with streaks of silver appearing already, bleu eyes, wears a worn camo-pattern suit with likewise worn lieutenant insignia. On top of that he has a flak jacket with a nametag with "Hagazi" writen over it. Add to that a helmet with some kind of HUD, assault rifle with slung-under grenade launcher, and backpack full of who-knows-what and you get your average, if old, merc.

Spoiler: Mechanic (click to show/hide)Corporal Professor Vincent Matthew Van Silharrius "The Necromancer"
Age : 40 years.
Homeworld : Industrial, Desert.

Strength 8 (0)
Dexterity 8 (0)
Endurance 7 (0)
Intelligence 13 (+2)
Education 13 (+2)
Social Standing 4 (-1)

Skills :
Survival 0
Trade 0
Engineer (electronics) 0
Comms 0
Computers 0
Diplomat 0
Investigate 0
Athletics (Co-ordination) 0
Persuade 1*
Admin 1*
Advocat 1*
Life Science (Biology) 1
Physical Science (Chemistry) 1
Tactics (Military) 1
Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1
Gun Combat (Shotgun) 3
Melee (Blade) 1
Medic 5

Ranks :
Scholar (Physican) Rank 3 - left by will.
Marine (Support) Rank 2 (Corporal)

Equipment :
150,000 Credits
Neural Comm Augment (TL12)
20 Lab Ship shares
Scientific equipment kit (left on a ship)
Flak Jacket + Eye protection gear (TL8/TL9)
Backpack containing :
Medkit (TL12)
3x Antitoxine (TL10)
3x Antibiotic (TL10)
5x Panaceas (TL8)
5x Anti-Rad (TL8)
10x Stims (TL8)
3x Metabolic Accelerator (TL10)
4x Combat Drug (TL10)
3x Fast Drug (TL10)
Self-Assembling Tent (TL11)
Environment Suit (TL8)
Breather Mask (TL8)
Various personal items (cigarettes, lighter, rosary etc.)
Standard US Marine equipment (uniform, few flares, dog tags etc.)
Also :
Gyro-stabilised Shotgun with grenade launcher (secured with a password)
52x shotgun slug, 115x pellet ammo, 1x Frag grenade

Encumberment : 14/15 kilos.

Allies/Enemies :
Marine Captain Martha Wolfe (After a planetary invasion finished with total carnage at allied side, which Vincent somehow managed to survive, he decided not to report Miss Captain's failure. Since then, she admits that she has a huge debt to pay Van Silharrius.)
Spoiler: Looks & Personality (click to show/hide)Middle aged, rather short (around 1,75 metre high, often hunching under the weight of a monstrous backpack), very thin man, wearing old, a little scorched or ripped here and elsewhere sand-camo uniform and a flak jacket carrying several bullet holes and Corporal US Marine insigia on left shoulder - on the right one there's a red cross. Fingerless gloves. Slightly long head, arms and legs. Sharp-drawn face, covered with slightly long blonde (or silver someplaces) hair, elegant long moustache and a goatee. Somewhat sidelong green eyes, the right one crossed by a long, deep scar - probably mark of a blade. Amazingly piercing glare, but most time Vince wears protective googles - old-fashioned, like an early XX century pilot's. Dog tags worn on a neck. Heavy backpack filled with some unsettling gadgets. High-tech shotgun with a grenade launcher. Some grenades along with glasses containing various chemicals attached to a belt and vest. In the right bootleg there's a semi-concealed blade. The thing last noticed is that mad, mad grin on a man's face.

Vincent is an always-calm, cold-blooded professional. He's got a grim, dark sense of humour. Rather silent, rarely speaks unasked. Sometimes much too rational, always thinks first and then acts, which sometimes is considered annoying.
Though he never admits it, he loves being on an adrenaline rush (which may be suprising to the most), when much faster calculation is desired - probably this is the reason why did he join Marines, bored with constant labwork and running between hospital beds. He really admires a good shootout from time to time. As he says, sometimes it's good to switch places from a stapler to a ripper. And ripping xenomorphs is extra-interesting for a medic and a biologist.
Van Silharrius is also very pious.

Spoiler: Background Story (click to show/hide)Coming soon.

My character: Nirusu Desumetto

Spoiler: Stats (click to show/hide)Characteristics: Str: 8 (mod 0), Dex: 9 (mod: +1), End: 8 (mod 0), Int: 9 (mod +1), Edu: 6 (mod 0), Soc: 6 (mod 0)

World: High Technology

Career: Drifter (Scavenger)

Computer 0
Stealth 1
Pilot (small craft) 0
Mechanic 0
Astrogation 0
Vacc Suit 1
Zero-G 0
Gun Combat (energy rifle) 0
Recon 0
Melee (unarmed) 0

Age: 30

Credits: 2090

Gun combat specialisation: Energy Rifle

Energy rifle, 8kg
2 Energy rifle clips, 2kg (1kg each)
Improved flak jacket (TL8)
Ballistic helmet (TL7), 1.5kg
Eye protection (TL6)
Improved cloth (TL10), 1kg
Mask, Filter (TL3)
Duct Tape (TL 6)
Electric Torch (TL 5), 0.5kgSpoiler: Appearance (click to show/hide)Relatively small, slim body, black hair, Japanese eyes (in other words, a Japanese guy)Spoiler: Backstory (click to show/hide)This is the story of Nirusu desumetto, a man born on Earth, and has a job as a astroid miner.
Rumours tell that Nirusu got turnsed down for enlistement in the Marines, and had no other choice
then to spend the restof his lives inside the dark, murky Asteroids, working hard every day.
At his eighteenth birthday, his mining team got ambushed by a close neighbouring mining team,
he fought valiantly alongside his comrades, and drove the rivaling team away, injuring himself
in the proces.
4 years later, shortly after his 22th birthday, a close friend of him died in a very suspicious mining
And when he was 26 years old, Nirusu accidently found a colony of previously unknown alien life-forms
while he was mining deep inside an asteroid.

Note: A friend of mine helped me improve the backstory... Thanks, Deamon!

Xander Morhaime:
Those of you with the Engineer skill, might I request you pick a specialisation?

You get to pick from:
M-Drive: keeping (for example) a ship's thrusters and artificial gravity running;
J-Drive: keeping a jump drive running;
Electronics: computing hardware, sensors and the like;
Life Support: what it says on the tin;
Power: likewise.


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