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Official ChaosForge IRC channel opened!

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Quoting: AnticheeseA question about it though - Will it stop working in 29 days time?

mIRC won't stop working after the 30 day "trial" period. It just asks you to register it after those 30 days pass, but it works completely. If you don't like the "please register now!", you can register it or crack it :>

I'll be there!

Quoting: Glowiecrack it

Trust me, Going that far just to remove a "Register me!" screen is really dumb.

Quoting: #DoomRLTesting your antivirus software on a warez site is akin to putting a lead brick on your cars accelerator and pointing it at a wall.

I am sure that everyone can cope with pushing one button every time they start it up.

Santiago Zapata:
Quoting: Glowiecrack it
Did he mean 'crack it' or 'download a crack and use it'?? :p

Quoting: Santiago ZapataDid he mean 'crack it' or 'download a crack and use it'?? :p

That depends entirely on your skill. I heard that mIRC is easily crackable. ;)


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