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Official ChaosForge IRC channel opened!

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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Well, you disappeared even before I had a chance to say "hello" :>

As of late, I've been unable to join the #Chaosforge IRC channel as I keep getting the message "IP range used with the sole purpose of evading bans and trolling.." Any suggestions?

EDIT: Or, I suppose, would anyone mind joining #help on Quakenet and asking what the heck I should do for me? Seeing as that's the only form of support that Quakenet provides.

For those who does not know it already: channel is as alive as it has always been, and it is waiting for you. If you seek madness, DRL advice, a chit-chat with Almighty Kornel himself and at least one misanthropic Pole that is likely to become the new Evil Overlord, come and pay a visit. Activity there is appreciated, and you can meet interesting people, bots, trolls, troll slayers, developers and assorted devils etc...

Kornel Kisielewicz:
For anyone willing to chat with us, but unwilling to setup an IRC client, feel free to use a webclient:

Alright, time to necro this thread!  ;-)

The forums seem dead.  But I assure you, it is not the case.  There is Chaos afoot, but it is taking place behind the scenes, like all forms of Chaos.  So if you want in on what's going on, join us on the IRC channel -- lots of hints and what-not are spilling there now.

Keep your eyes peeled...


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