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Official ChaosForge IRC channel opened!

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JimmyJ: one is home!

We seem to be quite spread out across the globe, so, in theory, there should be a good chance to catch someone online.

I don't get it, I'm typing in in the address bar, and it's not working.

That is because browsers dont do IRC by default. I'm pretty sure there is a firefox plugin with access to Quakenet though.

I reccomend looking on Google for "mIRC"

A question about it though - Will it stop working in 29 days time?

Quoting: AnticheeseI reccomend looking on Google for "mIRC"

How do you use it? Or, to start, what does it do?

Nevermind, I downloaded it and slowly pieced it together. See you in the chat room! (At least, for the next 30 days.)


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