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Help needed - in search for a domain name


Kornel Kisielewicz:
I'm having this problem a long time now. I need to buy a domain name for my games. Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy one for each of them (,,, so I need to come up with a UNTAKEN name that my games could be a subdomain of them (eg. Unfortunately, the ones I would love to see most (,,, are of course taken :-(.

So I ask your help! I need UNTAKEN propositions of domain names!

The things to take into account:

1) many sites will be parked under that domain, including (but not limited to)
-- doomrl
-- diablorl
-- carceri
-- genrogue
But also not roguelike related pages/projects:
-- my portfolio
-- my frontier-like project
-- a few other cRPG/CG projects

2) before you propose something please check with a domainchecking-page wether the name is taken. It is not sufficient to type it in your adress-bar, you need to check wether it's actually available. The only site that does that I know of is a polish site -- if someone knows an international site that has domain checking, please post a link here.

3) I would rather avoid using numbers or "-"-like signs in the name.

4) Probably I would mostly like a .net domain, but .org and .com are also acceptable

5) Keywords I like -- chaos, dream, shadow, forge, etc...

6) It could be good if the domain-name would suggest that some kind of development is done ;-).

Aerton: is the only thing that came to my mind... :/

anvil of chaos sounds nice

Igor Savin:
I used this one: KW=ggRW+check+domain


Kornel Kisielewicz:
Quoting: Igor Savinwww.anubisforge.*

Quoting: Igor
Yup I thought about that one too... I can't decide wether it's good enough tough...

Quoting: Igor Savinwww.charonhq.*
Oh come on, I'm not THAT egocentric :-D.

Quoting: Igor Savinwww.flamingworkshop.*
Kheh, I'd rather keep away from fire and hell, cause they'll make me look like a death-metal fan ^_^


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