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Igor Savin:
Quoting: Kornel KisielewiczDon't worry, you know as much as the others ^_^ (well maybe except Aerton and Igor Savin :-P)

Hey, when you call me that way, I get an instant flash reminding me of One Amazing Girl, who calls me Igor Vasilljevic, and who I call
 Julia Sergeevna ;)). And she's only one year older than I am...

Quoting: jimmyjWhat IS genrogue?

It is "The GenRogue" we are talking about :).

I'll give you summed up bean knowledge of it:

"Developed by Kornel Kisielewicz since a long time ago, this game has seen a lot of rewrites in different platforms, languages and technologies. Currently it is rumoured to be developed in FreePascal.

By many considered a brilliant example of roguelike vapourware. This opinion is quite understandable due to the extreme reported feature bloat: GenRogue promises random plots and world generation, random cities and random conversations among many other features. Rumour also spreads that the game will feature 3D graphics, but it is yet (as everything) unconfirmed. It's true status is unknown to all but the developer.

A legend in the world of roguelikes -- all heard when using a stethoscophe on its wall was: "Kheesh... well, let it stay as it is -- it is mysterious enough now :-D""

Igor Savin:
Quoting: jimmyjKornel, why is there a page on it if we cannot know what it is

'Cos he is evil?..

Its like he wants to tease us!

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Quoting: jimmyjIts like he wants to tease us!
Who, me?


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