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Xander Morhaime:
Loyal imperial citizens and rebel scum alike, rejoice! A new PBF is coming to the forum.

The setting, as you might have guessed, is Star Wars, specifically the Galactic Civil War period, roughly one year before the Battle of Yavin. Gargulec has accepted the responsibility of GMing, and has made 4 spots available for willing players - though bear in mind, two (or possibly three) are at the moment already occupied. The system we'll be using is called Cortex, and is available on request from Gargulec. Yes, Jedi will be an available character class. The setting will be an imperial prison ship where, as you can probably guess, *something* goes wrong.

This topic can be used to ask further questions, volunteer for the spots, argue over character creation and so forth, and so on. Character sheets, once we get around to making them, can probably be posted here as well until a proper OOC thread is set up.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Spot taken, I'm in ;).

I'd like a spot, please.

As a true fan of Star Wars, I'd like to act.

Whoah, that's a lot of volunteers! Five places already, so well.
Five characters, I can agree on that, but no more. So, current player rooster is as following.
1. Xander Morhaime
2. Almighty K
3. Silhar
4. Journey
5. ZZ

Well. Four days for supplying me with char sheet (I will post rules concerning force powers later on). Will send the links needed on PM.

Okay, for Force Sensitive.

Force Sensitive (d2+): You were born with midichlorian count high enough to use the mysterious Force. You may buy Force Training skill as per normal rules. This asset has no direct influence on gameplay, but Force Training skill can not exceed it, so if you have Force Sensitive d8, you can not train yourself in Force usage above d8, until you improve your raw power, represented by this asset.

Force Training: It represents how well can you manipulate the Force, how much can you get of it, and how successfully you will be. Unspecialised, it allow for basic telekinesis, mind tricks etc. More complicated uses (Force Healing, Force Lighting and so on) require you to acquire a proper specialization for this skill. For the purposes of character creation, this asset is capped at d8, which is level of new knights.

Lightsaber Combat: specialization of melee weapon combat. Self-explanatory. Cannot exceed the level of Force Sensitive.

Force usage will be resolved with normal test, so I will not put up an ornate mechanic for them. After all, Force is a mystery still, and few can understand it's *mechanics*

Edit by Mod : by the power of the Force, please don't quote material from those pesky fanfilms!
Response: midichlorians are G-Canon, and mechanic should be put in quotation marks- I meant how it works etc.


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