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Author Topic: A new PBF in a galaxy far, far away...  (Read 13354 times)


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Re: A new PBF in a galaxy far, far away...
« Reply #30 on: December 09, 2009, 23:13 »

Here's the NPC that our callous GM maneuvered Fathima into killing:

Name:  Colin Karr
Race: Human (Alderaanian)

Life Points:  14
Initiative: d4 + d8
Endurance: d4 + d10
Resistance: d4 + d4

Agility: d4
Strength: d4
Vitality: d4
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d12
Willpower: d10

Contacts d4
Head for Numbers d4
Higher Education d4
Intuitive Leaps d4
Natural Linguist d2
Photographic Memory d4
Quick Learner d4
Talented (analyst) d4

Dead Inside d4
Fragile d4
Impaired Communication (raspy/very soft voice) d2
Low Pain Threshold d6
Overconfident d4
Overweight d2
Prejudice (Alderaanians) d4
Toes the Line d4

Covert(Stealth) d8
Discipline(Interrogation) d8
Knowledge(Culture) d8
         (Law) d8
         (Politics) d8
Perception(Deduction) d10 (d12 + d2 with talented)
          (Intuition) d8
          (Investigation) d8 (d12 with talented)
Science(Economics) d8
       (Psychology) d8

Colin was born to a middle-class Alderaanian family.  He was smart but weak when young, and he grew to resent his peers, who viciously bullied him, the class nerd.  However, his excellent academic results led him to be offered a full scholarship to the Imperial University, which he gladly accepted to get away from his tormenters.  There he thrived in an environment that would allow him to learn everything he wished, although he greatly missed his parents back home (*).  His exceptional analytical skills caught the eye of Imperial Intelligence, and even Darth Vader, and he became a special analyst serving directly under Vader.  Colin delighted in his new power that came with his position, and took every chance he could to hurt Alderaanians, who he blamed for his tormented childhood.  With his widespread knowledge in many useful areas, he was soon chosen to support Vader's shadow agents.  His full range of skills allowed him to provide the agents a wealth of useful background information on whatever mission they were sent on, and he was also put in charge of monitoring their progress and guiding their actions.

Then one day his whole world came crashing to an end.  Fathima, one the agents under his control, was reported dead in a massive explosion while on a mission.  When Vader received Colin's report (in person, as usual), he immediately Force choked Colin for he saw as the analyst's failure.  With his life slipping away, Colin acted quickly and tapped his datapad to activate a program he had prepared for this eventuality:  all the screens in the room began to display the multitudes of successes that Colin had achieved for Vader.  Amazingly, when Vader saw the enormous list of deeds that Colin had achieved for the Sith Lord, he relented, releasing his grip.  Colin collapsed to the ground unconscious, perhaps the only person in history to ever win a reprieve from Vader.  He did not escape unscathed, however.  His windpipe was permanently damaged, affecting his breathing, and he was also left with an extremely soft, raspy voice.

When he awoke, he found himself a prisoner among several others.  They all kept to themselves, and he did nothing to change that.  He resolved to do his utmost to survive and overcome his predicament.  With a lot of time on his hands to think, he analyzed his situation.  It was easily a foregone conclusion that he would never work for Vader again, but he could not determine what his fate would be as a prisoner.  Deciding that further analysis on this issue would be futile until more information was available, he instead began to recall and mull over the events of the past few days.  Spending his lonely months going over every scrap of information from his incredible memory, he slowly identified various inconsistencies in the events surrounding Fathima's death.  Surprisingly, the prisoners were allowed access to a datapad, so he was able to log into the Imperial Intelligence network with the high level codes he knew, which hadn't been disabled.  This disturbed him greatly.  Why did leave a datapad for the prisoners?  And why were his codes still active?  Surely they couldn't have overlooked such a thing?  But his desire to find out more won out, and he proceeded to insert a arrest warrant for Fathima over a minor ficticious crime, just to see if if would lead to anything.  He was only able to include a holo of the one appearance she presented when she met him, as she was careful never to show him any of her other disguises.

Just days after he took this action, he was transferred to a prison ship.  He wondered if it was because they had detected his access.  But if they had, why was there no immediate punishment?  As there was little else for him to do, he continued to analyze in his mind Fathima's situation to see if he could understand more of it, and conclude if she really was dead.  Little did he know that fate would lead her to board the same ship in which he was held prisoner.  What would happen when their paths crossed?
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