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Xander Morhaime:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Name: CX-411
Race: Human (Clone)

Life Points: 24
Plot Points: 6
Advancement Points: 11
Initiative: d8 + d10
Endurance: d8 + d12
Resistance: d12 + d12

Agility: d8 (d10 with cybernetics)
Strength: d10 (d12 with cybernetics)
Vitality: d12 (d12+d4 with cybernetics)
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8

Brawler d6
Combat Ready d10
Cybernetic Enhancement d8
Fast on your Feet (cybernetics) d6
Simple Needs (cybernetics) d4
Tough d8
Unbreakable Will d2
Duty (Galactic Empire) d12
Dead Inside (cybernetics) d4
Infamy (Rebels) d6
Prejudice (Rebels) d4
Smartass d4
Toes the Line d4

Athletics (Dodge) d8
Guns (Blaster Rifle) d10
Guns (Blaster Pistol) d8
Heavy Weapons (Blaster) d10
Mechanic (Mechanical Repairs) d8
Medicine (First Aid) d8
Melee Weapons (Vibroblade) d8
Perception d6
Tech d6
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) d8

Spoiler (click to show/hide)+ E-11 Blaster Rifle (d8W, 100m, burst fire)
+ T-21 Light Repeating Blaster (d10W, 75m, burst/auto fire)
+ SE-14r Light Repeating Blaster (d6W, 25m, single shot)
+ Vibroblade d8W
++Tactical Holsters for above weapons.
+ Stormtrooper Armour (2W protection, full body)
++ Cortosis Chestplate (2W protection, -1 AG)
++ Neural Band
Neural Disruptor Collar (heavy duty)
Stun Cuffs and Fetters (heavy duty)
"Special Circumstances" Instructions
Access Code, prisoner restraints
Access Code, Lambda-class shuttle
First Aid Kit
Cybernetics Maintenance Kit

Character story:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)CX-411 is a veteran of the Clone Wars, serving initially in the 501st Legion all the way from Geonosis. He has been through numerous warzones, though he has not emerged entirely unscathed. In fact, he has collected a substantial amount of cybernetic replacements and augmentations to make up for sustained combat damage, such as his right lung (damaged during the siege of Coruscant), both legs (one lost on Felucia, the other during the storming of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant), right arm (lost during the pacification of Naboo) and a substantial number of vital organs (lost to a combination of tropical diseases and parasites on Felucia). There's very little of the original man left by this point, and some of his sanity seems to have been left behind on the battlefields as well, as he seems cold and distant to most. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, CX-411 was transferred to the fledgeling Dark Trooper project, where he is currently serving, though in its ranks he has seen service alongside the 501st on several occasions already. He is almost fanatically loyal to the Empire and tends to follow orders to the letter. As a result, he has little to no respect for the Rebel Alliance and anyone he views as rebel sympathisers.

Thanks to the Xander, we got nice, climatic piece of text, to build up a mood and background.

Travel Log, ID: CX-411, sergeant, Dark Trooper 3rd company.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Set out for Coruscant aboard prison ship Canceron with cargo of jedi, including one master, and the few survivors of the rebels protecting them. Word has it the master herself took out 10 men of the 501st before they captured her. Were it up to me she'd be up against the wall and shot, but... orders. Deliver to Coruscant, alive and unharmed. I can't imagine why, but orders are orders.

Flight off to a fine start. Barely a day out of port, the hyperdrive damn near dies on us, dumps us out of hyperspace. Leastways the cell power didn't fail. Engineering says we'll have to go slow to keep from frying the drive but good. Can't divert course for repairs as the damn navcomp won't allow a change of heading. Auxiliary drive weak and short-ranged, so journey of several days will take several weeks instead. Lovely times.

Some junior officers of the ship came by to see primary prisoner, i.e. the jedi master. Said to look, but not touch. Promised to shoot any of them tampering with prisoner or restraints. Junior officers took some pictures and left. Never really understood why female twi'lek were so appealing to some people. Those head-tails are creepy. Made note of visit in daily report.

Previous day's pictures making their way around ship. They'll let anyone into the fleet these days, it seems. Damn kids can't even focus on their job. Made report to captain, stressed importance of discipline aboard prison ship with sensitive cargo. Captain restricted access to primary prison block to non-assigned junior officers. Confiscated pictures. Expect to see them on ship HoloNet regardless.

Senior officer came by to see prisoner. Rather, not so much see but take advantage of her being restrained. Denied request, allowed to take pictures. Noted officer name, one Alastair Thorne. Will add to next report.

Overheard Thorne bragging how he got to have his fun with primary prisoner. Checked duty roster and security footage. Noted guard ID, submitted report to captain. Checked restraints for signs of tampering, none found. Called medical officer, checked prisoner for damage and signs of tampering not mentioned by Thorne. None found. No justification to shoot Thorne, pity that. Stressed importance of not letting anyone interact with prisoner for safety of whole crew to captain all the same.

Captain seemed less than bothered by report. Quote, "she got what she deserved." Deserves shot in head for killing 501st, is what I think, anything more is waste of effort. Slacking guard transferred away, however, good riddance. Hopefully got waste treatment duty. Picking up his slack personally. No problem, standing guard easy with both legs mechanical.

At least another week to go to Coruscant. Too long, if crew keeps being distracted as it is. Not letting anyone in to see prisoner on watch. Should learn to damn well do their jobs. Slackers.

Journal of Capitan Elva Duran
Spoiler (click to show/hide)    33:4:2: Picked up the Jedi Master at Krasus III. Honestly, I have not seen such a backwater world in quite a long time. Who’d expect that a Jedi Master hid there for more than fifteen years? Not many would, I suppose. Anyway, this twi’lek, a rather pretty one by the way, slaughtered more than a few stormtroopers before being knocked down. Orders are to deliver it alive and not maimed to Coruscant. Why, I dare not to know. One a side note: Thorne should really restrain himself at times. He might have saved my life once, but it does not means that he can do whatever he wants with prisoners.
    33:4:3: Main hyper-space drive has given up the ghost. Great. Chief Petty Officer Henderson says that there is no way to repair it without docking. And as the NavComputer is locked, we must continue to Coruscant on auxiliary drives. Which sets us up for more than twenty days of travel. Great.
    33:4:5: I’m staring at the ship systems run-down made by Henderson, and I wonder why my beloved ship is not categorized as ‘junkyard’. Half of the turbo-laser batteries are malfunctioning, the main power supply has overheating issues and the secondary takes days to turn on. And that is just the start of the list. I swear, when we return, I am going to show this report to fleet command. If this ship will is not serviced before its next flight, I am giving up the command.
    33:4:6: There was revolt in cell-block A. Some rebels managed to break out of the cells. Called security, and they restored order. Of course, I had to put the most rebellious ones out the air-lock, but I am deeply sure that no one is going to miss few rebels.
    33:4:8: This dark trooper reported to me today. Those cyborgs… they give me the creeps. Anyway, he said that some junior officers had tried to play with that Jedi twi’lek. No wonder, since there was an order to strip her of all clothes. To prevent her from smuggling anything dangerous onto the ship, they said. Bullshit, obviously she can’t move a muscle in those ‘jedi restraints’. Anyway, I had to abide to by it… orders are orders after all.
    Back to the junior officers: they took some photos of her, and as far as I can tell, already uploaded it to the HoloNet. Of course, I confiscated all the copies, and promised that those juveniles will have to look for another line of work, for they do not fit the Imperial uniform.
    Also, restricted access to cell-block B to all junior officers, to avoid any further troubles. I just hope that Thorne will satisfy his need on rebels.

    33:4:10: Apart from power leaks from one of the energy nodes, no incidents today. Strange.

    33:4:11: Henderson been bothering me lately to make a full day stop for engines maintenance. He said that if we don't do that, auxiliary drive may go down as well, and leave us dead in space. Although I hate to delay this ill-omened flight any more, this is a pretty strong point. We will be stopping soon, then.

    33:4:13: One day, I shall have to court martial Thorne, mark my word. He raped the prisoner Jedi! Well, I can't say I pity her, she got what she deserved I'd say, but this bastard broke more regulations than I can think off. And I have to cover him, for what he has done on Corelia ten years ago. At least I can consider my debt repayed after that. And the guard that allowed Thorne to have his time will be transferred to the work-decks. Or kitchens.

    33:4:16: Maintenance day tomorrow. We will be stopping in deep void for twelve hours... I just hope that no one will stumble on us, for this bloody ship could not fend off a freighter in its current state!

Name: Fathima Nori
Race: Human (Coruscanti)

Life Points: 22
Plot Points: 6
Initiative: d12 + d8
Endurance: d8 + d12 + d2
Resistance: d8 + d8

Agility: d12 (d12 + d4 with cybernetics)
Strength: d4
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d12 + d2

Attuned to Technology d2
Cybernetic Enhancement (agility) d4
Fast on Your Feet d2
Force Sensitive d6
I'll Bet You Have d4
In Plain Sight d2
Loyal Companion d12
Talented (Gunfighter) d2
Two-Handed Fighting (Blaster Pistols) d4

Dead Broke d4
Stingy d4
Little Person d2
On the Run d8
Phobia (intelligence agents) d4
Rebellious d4
Traumatic Flashes d4

Athletics (Dodge) d12 (d12 + d2 with talented)
Covert (Disguise) d8
Force Training d6
Guns (Blaster Pistol) d12 (d12 + d2 with talented)
Influence (Persuasion) d8
Melee Weapons d4
Perception (Read Lips) d8
Performance d6
Tech (Droid repair) d8
     (Slicing) d8

Name: R2-X9 'Zal'
Race: Droid (Espionage, as Astromech/Labor Droid)

Life Points: 10 (Strength + Willpower)
Plot Points: 6
Initiative: d6 + d12
Endurance: d4 + d4
Resistance: d4 + d4

Agility: d6
Strength: d6
Vitality: d4
Alertness: d12
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d4

Constructed d8 (droid bundle)
Enhanced Communication (droid language) d4 (droid bundle)
Enhanced Movement (short range hidden hoverjets) d8
Enhanced Senses (perfect echolocation) d12
Inherent Weapon (droid shock arm) d2
Photographic Memory d4 (droid bundle)
Simple Needs (no food/water) d8 (droid bundle)

Duty (to Fathima) d8 (droid bundle)
Impaired Communication (no human/alien language) d8 (droid bundle)
Impaired Movement (rough ground/large elevation changes) d4 (droid bundle)
Impaired Senses (no smell/taste/feel) d12
Little Person d2
Nonhealing d8 (droid bundle)

Covert d6
Perception (Tracking) d8
           (Search) d8
Pilot d2
Survival (First Aid) d8
         (Foraging) d8
Tech d2

Fathima Nori is an extremely short (4 feet 6 inches/137 cm), lithe lady, weighing a mere 90 pounds (41kg).  She has brown eyes and straight black hair, which she keeps quite short.  If you saw her, you would immediately sense an air of competence in her and realize that despite her extremely small stature, she was someone you didn't want to mess with casually.  But it was highly unlikely anyone would see her in that form, as she was constantly in disguise.  Currently she is in the persona of "Laril Shadow", a slightly taller lady with shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes.

As with most dark schemes, many failed attempts were lost in the mist before the one sought-after success.  Fathima Nori was one of the failures.  Born in the deepest slums of Coruscant, she was seized by a crimelord and trained as an exotic dancer from the earliest point she could remember.  But people started to notice that strange things occurred around her - objects would tip over and break or spill out of nowhere, her minders would become befuddled, and restraints on her wouldn't stay tight.  Suddenly, before anyone could figure out what was going on, she disappeared, having been kidnapped and delivered to Darth Vader.  Through pain and mental manipulation, she was molded into one of his experimental shadow agents, a minor force user with covert ops skills who could further his plans undetected.  She even received some inconspicuous modifications inside her body.

Her first few missions were relatively uneventful.  Ferreting out a smuggler's hideout, or destroying a minor gang were easy missions.  But as she began to undertake larger tasks, spending more time in deep cover away from Vader's influence, doubts began to enter her mind.  While she took down a minor Hutt without incident, on her next mission to destroy a civilian cruise liner with particular targets aboard - something made her hesitate as it passed over the explosive trap she had set.  That moment's hesitation cost her the mission, as the cruise liner crossed to safety, its passengers oblivious to the danger it had just passed.  Having seen the fate that befell others that failed Vader, she decided to fake her death and run with what few physical possessions she had.  She never knew if Vader bought her death, but events began to occur across the galaxy that commanded Vader's full attention, allowing her to slip away in the cracks.  Curiously, her last slice into the Imperial Holonet found an arrest warrant for a "minor revolutionary" with her old appearance attached, so she knows she hasn't gotten away entirely cleanly.  Who in the world is after for her now, and how far will they go to find her?

Fathima is a unusually small human female.  She doesn't know whether it was some genetic mutation that caused her to be so, or perhaps she was given a specially engineered diet when she was growing up, but for whatever reason, her small size leaves her rather weak compared to the average human adult, in spite of her training.  Her small size does have its benefits, though.  She is able to disguise herself in many guises, including a young teenager when it fits her purposes, although in other cases it would be obvious to onlookers that she was just a short adult.  A childhood as a dancer-in-training granted her amazing dexterity, though much of the dancing is now forgotten, and the seedy underworld in which she lived forced her to learn to hold her own in a fight and deal with shady people.  Her short-lived career as Vader's agent furthered her covert and combat skills, and augmented them with rudimentary force powers.  Now on the run, with only a few credits to her name, no associates, and only her droid and few possessions, she tries to make a living to survive, mostly by doing odd jobs or fleecing targets in shady places.  One day, she noticed a very lucrative slicing contract on an underground swap board.  Posing as Laril Shadow, a Corellian security consultant, she accepted the contract, only to find herself aboard the Imperial prison ship Canceron.  Now in the midst of the very people she was trying to avoid, what will happen next?

Fathima's droid, R2-X9 was created to be a tool for her missions.  It is a custom fusion of modified espionage droid and probe droid components hidden in an R2-D5 astromech/labor droid shell.  For maximum efficiency, it was made loyal to Fathima, rather than any of her superiors.  Usually it blends within the droid population while gathering information or tracking targets, but it also has a sensor package which can be used to map its surroundings and find clues.  In addition, it was designed to ensure Fathima's survival, as it was normal for her to be sent without any backup.  Finally, it possesses rudimentary astromech skills, in case it is called upon for the purpose which it appears to serve.  Over time, Fathima learned to take care of the very complex droid, even to the point of making new modifications to it.  With a new paint job to change its look, it is now her only companion in these dark times.

current gear:
DH-17 Blaster Carbine (d4W, ?m, burst, autofire) x2
4 additional blaster power packs
modified Q2 Holdout Blaster in hidden holsters (d2W, 10m, +3 steps conceal) x2
Disguised Slicer's Datapad
MSW-9 Molecular Stiletto (d2W, looks like a datapad stylus)
Canteen (1L)
1 day's worth of rations
Very Small Backpack
Subcutaneous Comlink
Wrist Chrono
Multi-tool (with hidden blade, short range grappling hook)
Sneaking Suit (1w, +2 step sneak)
Multi-form Dress (worn over sneaking suit)
Subcutaneous Comlink

Zal's Built-In Gear:
Stealthed Compartment
Electric Torch
Scomp Link
Fire Extinguisher
Custom First Aid Kit
Wildlife Bait Kit
Fusion Cutter

Gear inside Zal's compartment:
Cybernetics Maintenance Kit
Breath Mask x1
Atmospheric Cannister x2
Bryar Pistol (d4W + d2W per charge turn up to d12W, 40m, +1 step shooting) x1

Gear stored somewhere else:
Field Kit
  Condensing Canteens x2
  Food Rations (1 week)
  Glow Rods x2
  All-temperature Cloak
  Breath Masks x1
  Filters x24
  Atmospheric Canisters x10
Disguise Kit (makeup, prosthetics, accessories)
Personal Holocam/Macrobinoculars
Climbing gloves
Modified Restraining Bolts x2

The Diaries of Fathima Nori (F-Diary v2.4):

day 170:
Finished a courier drop for Jabba today.  Being a Jawa worked out really well in Mos Eisley - everyone pretty much ignores you.  I was even able to sell a random piece of junk to score a few more credits.  Jabba's rather unpredictable, though, and that's a risk I need to avoid.  But man, he pays so much better than most of the other folk.

day 174:
What a horrible nightmare!  I'm still shaking, especially since I have no idea what it means.  All I'm left with is the impression of some tremendous pain, and crackles of blue and red energy.  It reminds me so much of that time when...ARRRRRRGH!  I don't want to think about that!  I better take it easy today.

day 175:
The Imps changed a whole slew of their encryption codes today.  I spent all day slicing most of them, but I'm stuck on the local operatives database.  There's a strange find among all the new data, it seems my old handler Colin is scheduled to be transferred to Coruscant.  I wonder why he's being transferred after many months in low security prison.  I can't think too much about that now though, big job tomorrow; I better get some sleep.

day 178:
Jackpot!  I found an Imperial intelligence comlink on the black market today.  It cost me a pretty penny, but once I figure this gadget out and put it to use, I'll sleep a lot more easily at night.  I finally got the database sliced, too.  Nothing new or interesting there, but it's good to know for sure.

day 181:
Just got the intelligence comlink integrated with Zal's systems.  There were way too many transmissions for me to sift through manually.  Zal picked up a signal from an intelligence shuttle arriving in-system, so I staked out the spaceport and got to take a good look at the new agent in town.  A rather slim fellow, he could use a little more meat on his bones.

day 184:
Half year survival anniversary today.  I never dreamed I would live so long, and I'm grateful for how far I've come.  The early days of stealing food and sleeping in dark alleys, hoping I would not be found are still fresh on my mind.  Now I have some credits, a few places to stay, enough to eat, and can even travel freely around the Outer long as I'm careful.  I had a chocolate glaze cake to celebrate - heavenly.

day 185:
Bumped into Carly at the bar for the third time this week, and sat down to chat over some drinks.  I do rather enjoy talking with her, and she seemed to enjoy it as well.  Could I be developing my first real friend after all this mess in my life?  She only knows Ingrid though, not the real me.  And who knows what kind of secrets she holds as well?  I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up.

day 188:
It was nice to take a day off to train myself again.  It looks like my pistol skills have declined a bit with disuse, but surprisingly my control of the Force seems to have improved, even though I've been keeping my usage down to minimal levels.  Y'know, just in case Vader is around these parts of the galaxy - I sure as hell don't want him sensing my Force usage.  Recently it's becoming harder to keep track of where he is by slicing into the Holonet, there's been so much going on.  Good thing it was confirmed he was on Coruscant today.  There was even some Holonet news footage of him there, so I was free to go all out with the Force.

day 193:
Maintenance of my eye and muscle implants went without a hitch.  I still feel as agile as ever, both with them off and on.  Easy job today.  Just shadowed a clueless fellow and reported everything he said to the client.

day 195:
I can't believe it worked!  I was able to persuade the Imperial governor to let me into his office, where I was able to copy a bunch of key Imperial codes.  And even though I haven't touched these mini-stilts in ages, I was able pull it off and carried myself rather elegantly as a tall lady, if I say so myself.  I'm pumped!  I really should tone down the risk-taking for now, though.  Who knows how long my luck will hold?

day 196:
Man these new codes really are something.  I pretty much have access to all there is to know about the sector, there's data on everything.  Just a quick look over what's there shows economic trends, agricultural developments, corporate earnings reports, even military production, and much more.  I'm going unleash Zal all over this stuff.  Maybe we can sift out some new profitable opportunities.

day 199:
What a close call!  I was walking up the stairs in the governor's palace (why did I go back??) when I passed by an intelligence operative and freaked out, falling down and revealing my stilts.  I ended up having to shoot my way out of the place; I'm lucky to be alive!  Still, it's good to know that my aim is still quick and true when I need it.  I must have taken down a dozen guards on my way out.  I noticed a lot of them hesitated when they saw me with my guns drawn; incidents must be rare here.  I need to get off planet, and fast!

day 201:
Phew, I'm safely off-planet.  I must have passed through ten different checkpoints at the spaceport!  Good thing they were looking for a short human, not a Rodian bounty hunter.  Ugh, I still smell pretty awful - it's gonna take awhile for this Rodian scent to wear off.

day 208:
A really rich slicing contract appeared on the Fomos board this morning, and a strange one at that!  Rather than just slicing something - they want it done at their location, smells fishy.  But there's 15% upfront, if an applicant slices the sample file provided.  Even that upfront fee would normally take me a month to earn - I should take a crack at it.  But the strangest thing is that there's no mention of this on any of the other boards.  Usually things are posted everywhere to reach more potential contractors.

day 212:
Jackpot!  I finally managed to slice the sample file.  It used an encrypt unlike anything I've encountered before, and all that's in the file are a bunch of names, odd.  But they transferred the money in seconds when I submitted the decrypted file, so they must be serious.  It's time to break out my Corellian slicer persona again.  I hope the rest of the contract goes as smoothly.

day 218:
I finally feel confident as a Corellian after practicing the accent and mannerisms all week, and I've refreshed myself on the culture and caught up with the recent news.  Slicer jargon hasn't changed that much, so that came back to me easily.  Tested myself out at some of the exclusive local haunts and it seems that I pass.  Man, I can't believe how boring the people in this neighborhood are; all they do every day is drink themselves silly.  I would probably kill myself if I had to live here all the time.

day 219:
So I'm off.  The contract representative was a very stiff guy, reminded me a lot of Imperial Intelligence, which gave me a scare.  In any case, once I met the man, it was impossible to back out cleanly, so onwards I went.  We've boarded a rather bizarrely colored Lambda-class shuttle, I'm told it'll take two days to reach our destination.

day 221:
Yikes!  We've just come out of hyperspace and the destination's an Imperial ship of some sort!  I can't believe I overlooked all the clues pointing to the situation, or was I just in denial once I knew I was committed?  I'm double-checking the auto-erasure program on this diary in case it's ever taken by the wrong people.

day 223:
The slicing setup here is to die for.  A pair of the latest Masterline superterminals, incredibly high throughput connections, upgraded optical storage!  Someone walked in while I was writing into my diary, so I had to quickly switch over to DoomieRL 5000, a rather popular game among young people in this part of the galaxy.  I've forgotten how much fun the game was!  I even reached the secret level with the hidden head of creator "K.K" this time, how spooky.  The overseer chewed me out and threatened to reduce my pay, so I argued a bunch with him.  I was ahead of schedule anyways!  He ended up backing out meekly.  Hah!  I guess he didn't have the authority.  Still, I can't afford to write into this thing as often anymore; it's too much of a risk.

day 232:
Felt some sort of pain I've never felt before radiate out through the Force.  It seemed like it happened nearby, too.  I start to wonder what it means, but then I decide I probably don't want to know more.

day 234:
I'm getting by, despite being surrounded everywhere by Imperials.  I haven't run into any intelligence agents since coming aboard, so if they're on board at all they must be segregated elsewhere.  I've gotten more than half the the files sliced now, most of them contain only names and locations, but for some reason I'm getting more and more uncomfortable with this.  I've been pretty successful pushing the envelope, trying to explore more areas of the ship each day.  Early on they were really strict in restricting my access, but now everyone seems pre-occupied with other things, so I've been able to see more and more of the ship.

day 235:
I'm not sure I believe my eyes - I think I saw Colin in one of the prison cells.  So is this ship headed towards Coruscant?  And if I was not mistaken, what exactly is going to happen to him once the transfer is done?  There's so many questions I want to ask him - what exactly happened after my disappearance?  Is Vader still concerned about me?  Why were you arrested?  But how can I ask him without exposing myself to any additional risk?  Oh, and this ship makes me nervous.  I've been sensing that the ship personnel were quite nervous themselves, but today I managed to convince one of them to tell me what was going on.  I should have kept myself in the dark.

There is something called "outer world" or "real life" which perfectly complicates the process...

Stay tuned. Posting soon.

EDIT : As promised, posting.

Spoiler: stats (click to show/hide)Name : Vince West
Race : Human (Alderaani)

Life Points : 20 (1 Stun Damage)
Plot Points : 8
Initiative : d12 + d2
Endurance : d12 + d8
Resistance : d8

Attributes :
Strength : d6
Dexterity : d8
Vitality : d4
Willpower : d12 + d4
Alertness : d6
Intelligence : d12 + d2

Traits :
Assets :
Unbreakable Will (d6)
I'll Bet You Have (d4)
Devoted to a Cause (Rebellion) (d6)
Allure (d12)
Light Sleeper (d4)
Talented (Persuasion, Blaster Pistols) (d4)

Complications :
Rotten Luck (d12)
Impaired Movement (Right leg crippled, that is) (d2)
Traumatic Flashes (Endor Border Control incident) (d8)
Criminal past (Smuggler and, well, rebel) (d6)
Memorable (d2)

Skills :
Athletics (Dodge) (d12)
Discipline (d6)
Guns (Blaster Pistols) (d12 + d4 for Talented)
Pilot (Gunships) (d8)
Influence (Persuasion) (d12 + d4 + d4 for Talented)
Perception (d6)
Melee (Vibroblades) (d10)
Covert (d4)

Advancement points : 5

Equipment :
Nothing except a ragged clothing and a leather armour. Vince is a prisoner, after all.
Also, a blaster with a spare battery. And some nasty ilness to spare.

In deposit :
+Heavy leather belt with following attached :
++SSK-7 heavy blaster pistol and 3 spare power packs.
++Short Vibroblade.
++Three frag grenades.
+AEG-77 Vigo spaceship - completely wrecked and unrepairable, probably standing somewhere in the hangar.
+Worn backpack containing :
++Few star maps
++Letters containing orders for rebel forces on Delaya. These are well-hidden inside the backpack.
++Multitool kit.
++Pack of cigarettes and a lighter.
++Ration packs for a week. Somewhat stale, but still eidible.

Canceron's gone, and so is Vince's equipment.

Spoiler: Background, looks and history (click to show/hide)Vince West is a thin, not very tall and not really muscular man in his late thirties - it is suprising to witness his almost-white, slightly long mullet hair and cold, tired eyes of greyish green which make him seem a bit old... His long, handsome and sharply drawn face is marked by few shallow scars, probably blade cuts. Despite of his elderly features, he almost shines with some kind of vigor and inner fire which makes people around him a bit timid. His prominent chin dressed with a goatee is a sure mark of strong personality. The rebel's clothes seem unkempt : his vest of black and red shirt with a collar are a bit tattered, his tight trousers of leather seem worn out, and so do his high boots.
You can see the man standing tall and glancing around, the proud spirit almost tearing flesh apart, even while he hobbles walking. He speaks slowly with a calm, bass voice, carefully pronouncing every word with extraordinary diction. He seems to you like a kind of thoughtful, smooth and silent, almost cold-blooded professional. (Yet having somewhat wicked sense of humour with a strong sympathy for absurd, which is hard to identify at a first glance.)

Mr West was born on Alderaan, the rich planet rife with culture and education, unto poor merchant's family. His youth was a constant strife for a loaf of bread. No wonder that he quickly abandoned his profession of father's assistant in favor of a job much more risky, exciting and lucrative - he joined a gang and became a smuggler, illegally exporting and trading lurxury goods, weapons and medical supplies. His life was violent, full of egoism and suffering (usually dealt to others). Eventually things became even worse : Someday he and his pack of loyal colleagues and close relatives got caught during a regular border control somewhere near Endor system. Everything ended with a violent shootout. Everybody except West died, only Vince managed to escape, yet his right knee has been shot-through - the wound never scarred and healed completely. The whole occurrence was burnt-out in his mind and returns occasionally in series of painful flashbacks.
The escape took months. Hungry, out of fuel and will to live, Vince was drifting promisciously through some backwater system, unable to dock anywhere - ship systems were completely screwed. Luckily, he has been sighted and captured by a patrol of rebels sweeping the nearby space. Since then, he owes life to the Alliance to Restore the Republic and works for them as a fixer, a diplomat and a courier.
Recently, Vince was in charge of bringing orders to rebels hiding on planet Delaya in his home system Alderaan. Unfortunately, he got sighted and identified as a criminal by a patrol of imperial dogs. He managed to get some of them, but eventually he lost the fight and didn't manage to escape safely...
This is why he finds himself on a Canceron prison-ship. He didn't speak his last word, though. He is determined to escape the place and fulfil his duty, even if he had to raze the whole ship on a way there...


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