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Would it be possible of any of the monster resource WAD monster go get into DoomRL

The most ideal ones, IMO.

Cacolich - - similar health to a Cacodemon - At long range it fires a green and yellow fire ball, similar to the cacodemons ball but in close range, it uses a rapid flame attack, the flames of which look similar in colour to the ball.

Dark imp - - Roughly twice as durable as an imp - fires one of two balls. 1st ball is essentially a weaker version of the cacodemon attack and the other a stronger ball which pushes back the player.

Stone Imp - - Roughly twice as durable as a pinky demon - Imp with a lot of health  and powerful melee attack in exchange for no ranged attack and speed.

Mauler Demon - - Same health as a demon - A regular demon in most aspects but with one difference: It charges at you when the player is far away from it.

Warrior Imp - - About the same health as a demon - The MRW one has so many different attack that an as is implementation would be impratical. Instead, I propose 3 attacks. 1st is that it fires a etheral red skull at long range (Slightly stronger than imp ball), 2nd is a strike with the mace at close range (More powerful than a standard imp attack) and third is also long range and it spawns a small dragon, which is weak, fairly slow, airbourne and has a weak flame attack at 2 unit range.

Sorry about the double post, but I forgot about the Former Humans wad with the MRW and editing doesn't seem to work

Former Chainsaw Guy - - Similar health to the Former Human - It's a former human with a chainsaw. What more can I say?

Former Marine - - More HP than any previous Former Human - Recently possed marine. Has a plasma gun

Kornel Kisielewicz:
The philosophy behind DoomRL monsters as well as Weapons is that each is supposed to be as different as possible from the others. Currently (until I implement all original monsters) I won't implement any non-original ones. Wether I do that in the future, remains an open question. For sure they would have to be definitively tactically different from the other ones.

Hah, wheres the pain elementals, as well as Revenants?  If fighting a pain elemental isn't different, I dunno what is :)

Or have I just not hit a high enough level? :P

You are talking about the original doom 2 monsters, which will be added (it as been said somewhere else).


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