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Maiden of the Dark

Somewhere in the Outer Rim, a black ship floated in deep space.  You would be hard-pressed to spot it, unless you noticed where its silhouette blocked the stars.  It was here a new group of rebels were congregating, with plans to strike at the Galactic Empire.  How would the ecletic group of beings get along?  How would they work together; would they come together as a well-oiled team?  And how would they fare in the dangerous missions to come?

"Welcome to the Half Shadow, fellow pilots."  The human male addressing your group in the pilot briefing room did not have any particularly distinctive features, a man of medium stature with brown hair and eyes and a small moustache.  "I'm General Salem, in charge of the starfighters on this ship.  I'm glad all of you have joined us on this task force, as we have important missions to perform as the Alliance moves forward to restore the Republic.  But make no mistake.  You have volunteered for some of the most dangerous jobs in the galaxy.  Our task force will be tackling unorthodox problems and engaging in deep strikes into the heart of the Empire, and most of the time we'll be unsupported.  So train hard, and learn to work with your wingmates, as all of you truly need to be at your best, to survive, and succeed.  Tomorrow, squadron evaluation and training will begin, so make the most of the rest of your day.  Send any communications you would like to make, as the comm blackout begins tomorrow.  Get to know your fellow pilots, as you'll need to rely on them.  Keep your commlink with you at all times when you're on the ship, in case anything comes up.  Dismissed."

With that, the pilots in the room broke into motion, doing various things.  Some began conversing, while others moved to the room's exits.  A rather young lady started to speak to the General, perhaps she was his XO.  Some of you looked at your datapads to learn more about the areas of the ship you could access as pilots:

Pilots' Quarters
- the pilots' personal rooms, and a place to sleep
Pilots' Mess Hall
- where to eat
Pilots' Lounge
- a social area for pilots - includes a bar, a holoprojector, jukebox, sabaac cards, holotables, and other recreational equipment
Pilots' Briefing Room
- where you currently are, usually the place where missions were given
Starboard Hangar Bay
- where your ships were currently parked
Aft Hangar Bay
- another place for starfighters and other small craft
- storage of personal weapons and useful equipment, much larger than the armories of most ships in the Alliance Navy
Personal Lockers
- lockers around the ship you can use to store your own things, most pilots were assigned two:  once close to their assigned hangar bay, and one close to their quarters
Medical Center
- the place to recover from injuries and have checkups
Simulator Area
- full of starfighter simulators where pilots train and are evaluated
- a place for physical training, with a comprehensive set of equipment
- contains a small selection of holovids and datacards: for entertainment instruction, or information

There was also an order on the datapad:

Penumbra Squadron pilots - meet [tomorrow] at 0900 hours at the Pilots' Briefing room for our first squadron meeting.  Be fit and ready to fly.  We will go through some sim tests and squadron assignments will be finalized. - Commander Ittek.

 As Josh surveyed the room's other beings - his eyes met with a young lady, who was also milling in the room.
"Hi," she said, "are you also in Penumbra Squadron?"

 "Oh. Y-yes. I'm also in Penumbra Squadron. My name's Josh. Josh Tavus."

"Aleena Rion.  Nice to meet you.  Any idea what this squadron's all about?"

"Pleasure's all mine.Um..." Josh shifted around a bit, "Not really sure, but I'm sure it'll be somewhat dangerous."
"Hmm, so it looks like we're all in the dark.  I hope we find out more tomorrow."
"Yes, I hope so too. I wonder how many people will be in the squad..."
"Well, I counted two dozen people in the briefing...maybe two full squads?"

"That would certainly make sense." *looks around again* "Wow, so many different races, not that I'm not used to it, but It's certainly still a shock."

 "One of the Alliance's greatest strengths, if you ask me."

 "Yes. yes. It actually reminds me a lot of home."

 "Really?  Tell me about it."

 "Well, I'm from Telos IV, a outer rim planet with an interesting history. One of our main exports is tourism, In fact, I used to fly tours all the time for one of the touring agencies, so I saw a lot of foreigners of different races. I guess that what helped me join the Alliance. that, and my family."

 "Ah, I knew a guy from Telos IV.  Nice guy. very well spoken.  And what of your family?"

 "I'm the oldest son of my family. My parents both work government jobs, not too bad. I have three sisters and a brother. They're great. All of them actually pushed me to join the Alliance, becuase I needed to do something important, and so I decided to join."

 "Wait - when you say the government, which one?  And I'm surprised that people outside the Alliance encouraged you to join."

 "Well, the non-empire one. I was surprised too. I guess they thought that their son needed to help defend their planet in case something happens."

 "Very interesting.  Hmm, it's not all that comfortable standing here to chat, why don't we head for the longue?"

"Sounds good to me."

During the speech, Tavel fiddled with the basic commlink he had been given upon boarding the Half Shadow. He'd have to do some tinkering, but he thought he could get some more functionality out of it. "Blah blah blah, Kill the Empire, blah blah, team building, you'll all die, evaluation and training, phone home, whatever." He smirked, and rolled his eyes. He was pretty sure a few people nearby were concealing smiles. But now, nearly a full day to plan. Excellent.

Tavel chose not to make much small talk, at least not focus on it. He didn't know these people yet. Everyone in this room had to have skill, but who were the ones he needed to watch? Well, the women of course. He memorized all their faces, and guessed at a few body sizes as well.

He needed more information. He needed time to think. He needed a safe terminal to slice. He kneaded that ass that just walked by. He gave his best knowing smile, and moved off towards the General, hoping to overhear whatever that pretty young lady and he were talking about.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Perception(Hearing) d10 +In Plain Sight d6 if the conversation is supposed to be private.
If not, listen in and perhaps start conversation, looking to obtain more information about their missions/training. Also, who the young lady is, as well as where her quarters are.

In the corner of the briefing room, young, red skinned twi'lek sat. She listened carefully to what General Salem said. 'If the ground forces are in charge here, this place is in sorry shape indeed' she thought.

Trying not to engage in pointless conversations with her fellow crew members, she made her way to the pilot's quarters, now empty, and surprisingly quiet. She could not say that she did not like it.

There, she laid on a bunk, first putting all of her personal belongings in a locker. Then, she opened small, steel lock box she which she had stuffed in her pocket and took small, greenish lump from it, placing it under her tongue.

Soon, she felt a lot better.

Aleena and Josh headed to the pilot's lounge, where they found a few other pilots relaxing.  As Aleena reached out with her natural friendliness to the others, the entire group came together and held a rather engaging and open conversation that lasted several hours.  They shared jokes, discussed serious matters, and even some of their hopes and dreams.  Although Josh didn't speak up much in the crowd, he felt that he came to know some of his fellow pilots better:

Aleena Rion, a very friendly human female from Toprawa who didn't rate her own piloting skills highly, but was proud of her history with the Antarian Rangers, but also sad at their demise.  Tomibar, a Mon Calamari male who had joined the Alliance with many of his race when they rose up against the Empire.  Fen Lo, a rather brash male human from Trantor who had once been a glitterstim smuggler, but had a drastic change of heart as his younger brother became addicted.  There were also two pilots from Silhouette Squadron, Sullustan siblings.  The brother, Bilr Temb, was not only a natural at piloting, but also at astronavigation, and loved to play practical jokes, while the sister, Mirl Temb, was more quiet, and enjoyed painting exquisite landscapes when she had time.

They continued to talk until the call for dinner appeared on their datapads, when they went their separate ways, perhaps to freshen up or take a break alone in the half hour that remained before the meal.

The lady whose ass Tavel pinched gave a little shriek and looked around, but couldn't identify her assailant, and after a brief pause, shrugged and went on her way.

Tavel did his best to look inconspicuous as he eavesdropped on the general and the other lady.  "...the briefing room from 800 hours to 900 hours, and the starfighter simulators from 0900 hours to 1000 hours," the general was saying.

The lady replied casually, "Right, I've got this room from 9 to 10, and the sims from 10 to 11.

"Then it is agreed," came the reply.  His voice was always serious.

"Oh by the way, Bethu, have you looked over your pilot sheets?"

"I have looked over the dossiers on my pilots, yes.  Was there something of interest about them?"

Her voice became sassy, "Well I've been looking over my group and I think my guys are going to kick all of your asses!"

"Tammy, I'm glad you have confidence in your squadron's pilots even before even seeing them fly, but is this necessary?"

"Rut-roh!  The General Chicken doesn't seem to have any confidence in his..."

By then, almost everyone else had left the room, so Tavel felt he could listen no longer without attracting suspicion from the conversing pair.  He left and began to wander through the corridors of the ship, searching for something.  After quite some time, he found what he was looking for while in one of the hallways leading to the port hangar bay:  an unoccupied terminal, with no one else around.  But as he approached the terminal, his datapad buzzed with the arrival of two new messages.  The first was just a notice that dinner would be at the pilot's mess in half an hour.  The other was was interesting, though:

"Lieutenant Darjin,

I noticed that your dossier includes considerable slicing experience.  Although you are a member of Penumbra Squadron and not my computing crew, I would like to speak with you sometime, if it is convenient.  I'll be in the Computer Labs for most of the evening, if you are free.

- Chief Comp Supervisor Jordan Gmesh"

Ios relaxed as the effects of the mild spice coursed through her body. Surprisingly, no one ever came in, despite the fact that most rooms in the pilots' quarters were designed for four pilots each.  At some point in time she did hear footsteps nearby - but whoever it was entered the next room down.  After a long time, she heard a beep on her datapad - dinner at the pilots' mess was in half an hour.


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