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Xander Morhaime:
This one's an idea I've had kicking around for a while... a roleplaying campaign based in the Crusader: No Remorse / No Regret universe. Originally I'd thought to use D20 Modern for it, but since discovering Traveller, I've come to realise this system would fit much better.

The campaign will revolve a lot more around fighting in one way or another, though I'll be doing my best to spice it up and keep it interesting. The characters would either be a WEC hit squad (not likely, given how keen the average player is to follow orders) or a Resistance strike team (more likely - while there are still orders somewhere along the way, the fighters generally get more liberty in how they achieve their objectives). There'll be guns, explosions, more guns, explosives, even more guns, and some robots thrown in for good measure.

Right now I'm probing around for any interest. Matters such as character generation method, gear, which side of the conflict the party will be on, that'll be sorted out once there's enough of an interest to warrant starting up the whole thing.

I'm game to try my first PBF, unless you want someone more skilled at this.

Do you have links to the material/rule books that you'll be using?


I would like to join.

I love explosions. I need to join

Never crossed with Crusader: No Remorse / No Regret things, if I'll be in, I'll try to find something.

Anyway, I'm interested in P-ingBF


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