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Author Topic: Extensions for the new player  (Read 17408 times)

Angle of Death

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Re: Extensions for the new player
« Reply #45 on: January 17, 2010, 22:56 »

What I think would be better is to add perks for completing challenges (thus encouraging new players to explore them), rather than kimiting existing features. For example, these rewards could be given for a standard win of Angel of Shotgunnery on a given difficulty level (rough outline)

I'm too young to die: N/A (The challenge can not be played in this mode)
Hey, Not Too Rough: Unless playing a restricted game, you start with a shotgun and 20 shells in your inventory.
Hurt Me Plenty: YOu have an inherent level of Reloader* in all subsequent games.
Ultra Violence: The shotgun reward from HNTR is replaced with a combat shotgun.
Nightmare!: You have an inherent Shottyman trait** in all games.

* Reloader becomes a two level trait that unlocks shottyman at level one. Your base reload time is set equal to the standard+reloader1. Essentially, the shotgun build gets one level faster.

** The shottyman trait dissapears from both blocking traits and prerequisutes. The effect of shottyman (auto-reloading shotguns) is available at all times.

This would encourage newer players to explore challeneges beyond "just enough to get that badge, then never again", while giving a nice bonus to more experienced players that have unlocked everything, but can't handle the harder challenges. It would also lead to more varied builds on more advanced players, which is always a good thing. (Completing challenges with inherent trait rewards would allow trait combinations normally impossible.)


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Re: Extensions for the new player
« Reply #46 on: January 18, 2010, 12:43 »

My opinion - Unlockables should be there to make a roguelike *harder*, not easier. A lot of the fun, and just about all of the awe, sense of acheivement, and sense of adventure, is taken away when a player uses a cheatmode. Certainly don't make them unlockable.

A training mode isn't a bad idea - I wouldn't make it an easier difficulty though, I'd make it a set of training courses, with badges for performance.

For example:
Training room 1:
Advancing targets.
Player must destroy approaching targets with his weaponry, and starts with the 'juggler' trait. Targets are monsters from the game, including former humans, sergeants, cacodemons, former commandos, arachnotrons, and barrels. The trick is, of course, realising which monsters you can leave until later, and which monsters must be killed quickly.
Skill learned - how much damage each monster can receive before dying, and which weapons are good against which targets.

Training room 2:
Obstacle course.
A player with only the 'tough as nails' trait must navigate through a level containing many barrels and acid, without a gun. A small handful of monsters make life difficult by shooting at the player.
Skill learned - monster firing trajectories, and areas of effect.

Training room 3:
Traumatic stress training.
Player with 'hellrunner' must complete a normal level without weaponry (pacifism).
Skill learned - how to use running mode, and learns that a level can be completed without killing monsters (important skill for doomrl).

Training room 4:
Cover excersise.
Player starts a 'hell's arena' type level level on 10% health, with a pistol and 'dualgunner' (second pistol can be taken from dead oponent). Must clear the level of it's inhabitants - former humans and demons.
Skill learned - corner shooting.

I'm sure there's plenty more ideas for training rooms. The idea here is that the training actually teaches something that a player might have missed just from playing on 'I'm too young to die', and also introduces the power and nature of some traits.
To make it appealing to veterans, a player could be scored on time, damage taken, percentage of monsters killed, etc, for each training excercise. Thus, getting a 5-star rating from training would be a challenge mode in and of itself.

Disadvantage - obviously, it'd take more work than the other ideas (level design needed etc).
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Re: Extensions for the new player
« Reply #47 on: January 18, 2010, 13:29 »

And the fully editable level, where you can place enemies, doomguy, walls&barrels will be also cool. Not like a training, but just good idea. I can move it to the RfF subforum as a separate request. Fortress-defend type of level will be good.

Training Room 5:
You start with a DM, and 2 Barons of Hell (maybe Mancubi) around you. You have to kill one of them without gun. A good skill for the situation you run out of ammo (or playing with MGK).
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Re: Extensions for the new player
« Reply #48 on: January 18, 2010, 14:24 »

I think there's such a thing as making a roguelike too transparant.
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