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Game Hunter:

--- Quote from: Morat48 on May 22, 2012, 09:20 ---I know flamethrowers weren't present in Doom, but it's the only major weapon archetype that I can think of that isn't represented in DoomRL.

--- End quote ---
*cough*grenade launcher*cough*

That aside, the important part of this wishlist is to come up with new or modified components that must exist/change in order to accomodate what is desired. Specifically: how should this flamethrower work? Given the maximum efficacy of available parts, all that's really necessary is a weapon with the chainfire alternate and MF_EXACT/MF_RAY flags (in non-modding terms: rapid-fire weapon, attack lands exactly where aimed, and attack damages non-solid objects between it at the target), possibly with some splash damage. In this way, we already have all the pieces necessary to create a flamethrower, assuming that MF_RAY, MF_EXACT, and explosions (if splash damage is wanted) interact properly with each other. This is, however, not the only possibility of creating a flamethrower if we want to consider things not currently possible by the given API.

You should try to describe your concept of a flamethrower as precisely as possible, so that we know what kinds of things have to be included in order to make it work.

My concept of a flamethrower would be a weapon that causes damage to everything in an area. So in my view, a flamethrower prototype should have a spread and range, similar to a shotgun. These properties would define the area of effect. When the flamethrower is fired, everything within the area of effect is damaged (unless the attack is blocked by a wall or other impassable object).

So it would be pretty similar to a shotgun with MF_RAY, except:
1) The missiles travel the full weapon range, and stop completely at that range
2) The missile is displayed simultaneously at all points within the area of effect

An optional damage-over-time effect (ie setting things on fire) might also be useful.

Combat shotgun + Firestorm pack + Power pack assembly?

i mean it would be nice to have such assembly in the game, not only in mod...

124. Item health / resistance / whatever (basically a way to control how much damage that nice looking exotic on the floor can take before evaporating in a fireball of death).  Currently you can mark an item as IF_NODESTROY so your options are limited to one of two extremes.


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