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Not very Doomish, but so very necessary for a solid Bioshock mod...

46.  Flags for setting creatures as nonhostile, so they can be designated to attack under certain conditions.
47.  Some way to designate sides in a fight, including a setting for solo fighters.
48.  Flags for setting creatures as "defensive" - attack opponents if their charge (ward? master?) is attacked.  (Could probably be faked if 46 was implemented.)

49. Being.clearSlot(CONST_SLOT) function to free only one slot
50. Being.unEqSlot(CONST_SLOT) function to move equiped item to inventory
51. Item.drop() function to make holder drop item
52. Unlock Level.put in mid-game
53. Ability to control being movement (something like Being.move(COORD_X, COORD_Y))

54: 'spread' flag works on rapidfire weapons in the way you'd expect it to (not until async comes out though, otherwise it'd be slow)

These things are all currently possible in the engine, but in an extremely round-about, messy, complicated way. It would be very nice if there was in-built support for them.

55. Custom Flags. If a defined cell/being/item/etc type is given a flag that is not present in base doomrl, the engine automatically creates a ("flag_name" = true) association for that type. Mainly want it for cells. (Denied for DoomRL1)

56. Cell Flag Querying. Being able to ask if a cell on a particular square has a particular flag. ie: cellHasFlag(x, y, cell_flag). Should work with custom flags from mod item 55. (Denied for DoomRL1)

57. Map Table. Holds maps with given names, as is the current case for cell/item/being/etc definitions. Placing the initial map could look like Level.put(2,2,MAP_THISLEVEL).

58. Map Painting. Being able to "paint"/apply maps during play (not just at creation), that are defined with mod item 57. Ie: paint_map(x, y, map_name), paint_map_centered(x, y, map_name).

59.  Access to more engine variables.  The current level's NPC count is the only one I can think of offhand that I'd like.


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