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Author Topic: Arrow key observation.  (Read 1311 times)

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Arrow key observation.
« on: March 14, 2010, 22:35 »

I noticed that the arrow keys used to navigate menus in the game work differently than when they are used to move the player. I noticed this because I was using JoyToKey so I could play the game with a gamepad. I had to remap the 4 movement keys to n, j, [, and ] in the doomrl ini file because mapping the arrow keys doesn't seem to register. I only have this problem with doomrl.

I can map it so I can move with the game pad, but the same keys for movement don't work for navigating the menu's. Only the arrow keys specifically can move in the menus.

Also, when I tried to map the left and right directions to b and m, the game didn't recognize them when I press the keys.

*note* this not a complaint. Just something I noticed and was curious about.
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