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Author Topic: Need help!  (Read 2767 times)

Angles of death

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Need help!
« on: April 09, 2010, 11:02 »

I need to know the best class and a good strategy for the early game,midgame and endgame and how bad is radiation [it used to be as bad as...well back before the current beta it wasn't deadly at all]I have found out this some of the zombieland rules work like when in doubt know your way out [know  where to escape]the double tap [swiching to sidearm when enemy is weakened]and well.....modified version of don't be a hero [don't collect items with enemies near them]Also is aliens rl reminding you of survival horror games?
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Re: Need help!
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2010, 08:55 »

Good classes (as of 0.8 BETA 2):
Scout (very good Sidearms)
Marine (nice shotting time when using Combat Shotgun or Pulse Rifle)

(My) early game strategy:
Pump Sidearms - explore the first level of Civilian Tower and gather ammo and exp.
Proceed to Security / Military (or Main) Tower. Search for Combat Shotgun there.
After getting it obtain the Colt and ammo for it from Storage Tower.

Ascend through Security / Military and look for Pulse Rifle.
Pump Light weapons.

After Sidearms and Light Weapons are at advanced or expert level, pump other skills.

Mid game:
Ascend through Security / Military. Look for Gyro-stabilizer and Smartgun. Pump Heavy Weapons.

Late game:
Ascend to the top of Main Tower (excursion to the top of Military can be beneficial, btw), kill the Queen, run as fast as possible out of there.
By that time a player should know where the lifts are placed (screenshots work wonders) and should follow the shortest way to the Civilian Tower, level 1.

Some tips:
- Use Space + direction to open / close doors; Try opening the doors from the different angles - there may be several aliens in the room, but only those who are in your sight will go after you;
- The strongest weapon should be ready all the time; switching to Light / Sidearms from Heavy is faster than doing it the other way;
- Try to keep Smartgun ammo for Elites; the rest can be killed by almost everything;
- I use to leave ammo and medpacks near lifts, so on my way back to level 1 I don't run out of it.

Radiation can be very annoying, but there is always Storage / Medical Tower where you can recover the lost HP.
Rad suits are good if you can live with a Pulse Rifle (and Sidearm weapon) only - without the Heavies.
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