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Author Topic: Ruminating about MAc balance and Game Balance in general...  (Read 16301 times)

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Re: Ruminating about MAc balance and Game Balance in general...
« Reply #30 on: May 18, 2010, 14:15 »

N! shifts the balance back a little bit. You get more ammo, and ammo-producing enemies respawn, which takes a little bit of the pressure off. But the extra damage output you get from Finesse and Whizkid still pushes MAc ahead of MCa.

Actually I've noticed this to be otherway around while I've been playing the N! games.
With the latest fast monster buff, MAC is useless for N!. You cannot afford to miss due of the monsters accurate speedy fireing.  I've personaly also noticed that rapidfire doesn't seem to work in N! much at all to be honest. in UV rapid fire is cakewalk, in N! you're better off with hybriding between pistols and shotguns.

-Get rid of the double agility mods in chained court, like Game Hunter said. Instead give us random mods, or one mod and something useful but not gamebreaking like plasteel boots.

-Lower the plasma rifle's accuracy to +0, and raise the chaingun to +2. This would make an unmodded chaingun just good enough that if you had SoB/Triggerhappy and no EE, it would at least outclass the combat shotgun as a general purpose weapon. And the plasma rifle would really suffer without double agility mods (you might even want triple). Combined with the lack of guaranteed agility mods, this means you could actually have a tough time later on.

Thise are good and reasonable nerfs.

-Ammochain blocks HR. This might be a little excessive, but if occurred to me as one more way to nerf MAc a little. It would force you to deal with one of MAc's big weaknesses: increased vulnerability. No HR and no TaN means killing everything before it gets you is even more important--and no HR makes this harder to do. Fewer agility mods would make this even more of a potential handicap.

No. Just no. This would make MAC completely useless for N! and even possibly UV. I'd personaly see blocking reloader more efficient as it would limit your other weapon uses even more, see; Rocket Launcher, shotgun and BFG.

-In Ao100 games, how about instead of neverending hell levels, how about if we had 5-level cycles? Every 5 levels it would switch between Phobos Base and Phobos Hell levels. The base levels would still have just as many nasties like Arch-Viles, Revenants, and Mancubi, but they would also generate a lot more former humans/sergeants/captains. You would still need to stockpile ammo during the Phobos base levels, but it would be much more doable.

There allready are lot of stockpile levels every now and then, I don't see the idea of changing back to base levels though, it would look ugly if you ask me, there were some suggestions to make even "deeper" hell levels. I'd personaly see you could make some sort of an "ancient hell" after level 50, make the tile set seem more ancient and still hellish.

Personaly if you ask me though, Ammochain would be fine even if you'd limit it just to chaingun/minigun but just buffing the whizkid even more. Chaingun and minigun that would be modded to hell and back would still make the ammochain amazingly efficient. The main problem with ammochain seems to be the power of the plasmagun that is given the unlimited ammo afterall..
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