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Remember how i said i would win an Angel of Patience challenge if there was one?

I didn't mean it. Now i know for sure that i didn't mean it.

I know it because i made this challenge just to try it out.

This map (which was originally built on the Infinite Arena codebase) has absolutely nothing new or exceptional about it.

With the sole exception that it's THE most unfair, cruel, sadistic and unforgiving challenge map EVER.

The rules are simple. You start in the center of the arena with a cursed pistol that does a pitiful 1d3 damage and has infinite ammo, a cursed sharp stick (1d3 as well, what did you think?) in the prepared slot, your life slowly regenerates and you need to survive 25 arena rounds.

Even attempting this "challenge" is an act of heroism.

Should you win (HA!), you can put this achievement on a T-shirt and demand eternal worship.

Download link (source):;topic=3054.0;attach=1016

Due to a somewhat apparent demand, below is the Ladder of the last attempters of this challenge. To qualify, you simply need to play the latest version and report your progress.
For your convenience, the mortem now prints the wave you died on.

It's kind of hard.

Player NameDifficultyRound* 2DeviationsOutUVWON!!* TormuseUV5* Simon-v (the author)HMP4* Ander HammerHNTR8* RSOITYTDWon

Historical results (pre- are listed below for the sake of completeness.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Player NameRound* DeathwindHMPWon* Simon-v (the author)HNTRWon* General PattonITYTD14* gilgatexITYTD12* rchandraITYTD11* Game Hunter --- 20* Gargulec --- 15* You --- 12
Spoiler (click to show/hide)1.5.1
* Adjusted being max levels
+ Added a mandatory imp on every round on to make sure the player can remove corpses on N!

* Ported to DoomRL (shark20061)
* Changed/simplfied the spawning mechanism (shark20061)
* Enemies scale properly on higher difficulties (shark20061)
* Changed max level limits for enemies, more diversity (shark20061)
+ Added some round history (shark20061)
+ Added pistol shot counter (shark20061)
+ Added screen flash on winning a round (shark20061)
+ Winning a round will remove all of that round's corpses (shark20061)

+ Computer and tracking maps now expire when the round ends
+ Starting wave is weighted based on difficulty
+ Slightly more monsters will spawn on higher difficulties
- Less items spawn, but their diversity is increased
+ Two additional round clear message

* Ported to DoomRL (Game Hunter)
* Banned all boss monsters from appearing (Game Hunter)
* Made the pistol actually a pistol (Game Hunter)
+ Added level numbers for easier round tracking
+ Added a small puddle of acid for disposing of useless items (and maybe weak enemies)
* Tweaked balance around a bit
+ Random music will play every round
+ Mortem will now show the round during which you died (or fled (or won))
+ Added two teleporters in the corners which might save your life

* Repackaged the file according to the Mod Packaging Guidelines, ver1.1
* Upgraded to add's Infinite Arena v1.02
+ Added a README file and wrote a proper changelog from memory

* Fixed endgame messages

* Changed regeneration rate from 2.0 to 1.5
- Removed Arch-Viles, who seemed to break a lot of things

* Changed the weapon damage from 1d2 to 1d3 to match bare fist damage
* Changed regeneration rate from 1.0 to 2.0

* Fixed some messages
- Removed Angel of Death, who wouldn't have spawned anyway

- Made pistol and sharp stick unmoddable

Initial public release

Game Hunter:
Damn man, that is some ridiculous gaming.  Not to mention there will be times where you're just screwed over, plain and simple.  I managed to make it to wave 7 after defeating two Barons and a Mancubus with only SoGx3.  Maybe once I finish getting the Platinum badges, I'll try this.  If anything, the scaling is what makes it so damn hard.  If I could reach SoGx3 and SoBx3 in time for Barons, THEN this would be doable.  Eventually you can set carving out holes in the pillars after enough enemy fire, and I find that splash damage with a Berserk Pack is most definitely the way to kill things quickly (Berserk was also the only reason I killed the Arachnotron on wave 5).

Regeneration makes this POSSIBLE, but sometimes there aren't enough globes to keep up running.  And, as it is, I dunno if SoG is even the way to go: almost seems like TaN/Iro just to cause splash would work faster (if not better).

Game Hunter:
Lately I've been adding HR somewhere in the mix (in fact, choosing for 1-2 seems like a great idea) to avoid the ridiculousness of Demons and to hook Cacos and Baron-types around a pillar and play a game of "ring around the rosy".  Mancubus are still the biggest threat...Arachnotrons are a big problem but they tend to miss enough for patience to work very well.  Wave 6-7 tends to cream me.  Ironically, patience is the last thing you use in this until much later (like Mancubus).  I'm terrified of the day I see an Arch-vile.  With all those corpses lying around?  I'm tempted to start splash-killing the corpses just in preparation.

Is anyone else trying this?  I must say I'm having some fun with it.  Question: are the pistol and stick modable?

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I seem to have forgotten about this possibility. The pistol and stick are not supposed to be moddable after all.
I've updated the file with the new version.

Game Hunter:
Some other comments:

- Can't swap to the stick.  Although to be honest, it doesn't make much of a difference (1 damage as oppposed to 1.5 which is usually 1 because of armor), so its only real use is if you went for MBm.
- Monsters will eventually get bored of chasing you, even Demons.  I don't know if Lost Souls are the chase, they are simply too fast to test this on.
- Revs are total pussies.
- Is the Computer Map supposed to spawn?  I really don't mind, even if the only purpose is always knowing where the powerups and newly-spawned meds/armors are.

I find that just going up to Formers and punching them in the face is really the best way to keep your health up (Sergeants usually have to be picked off from afar).  Imps aren't HARD melee, especially because their projectiles are worse in terms of damage, but make sure there isn't anything else around.

Current strategy: HR -> Bru -> Bru, will go for Berserker and PROBABLY MBm, XP allowing.  Pistol seems worthless to up other than (possibly) firing rate, because the enemies that really matter to pick off have too much armor to make the damage bonus all that worth it.  Also, the single level of HR is absolutely crucial to make Demons tolerable (I'd go insane if I had to fight them again without it).  Once you get the second level of Bru, they become rather simple to kill.  I've only killed a Mancubus once, but plenty of HKs, Cacos, and about three Arachs.  Hoping that berserk armor will work with the trait on this run, because it'll definitely make a LOT of situations easier whenever it happens.  Zerk armor + 1/sec regen = immortality, yo.

My best AoPt tactic so far is the ring-around, in which you can use your single level of HR to keep enemies chasing you as much as possible around a pillar.  Whenever there's space between the two of you, fire a shot.  Repeat this ad infinitum.  Works on HK/Cacos so far; Barons are probably just as susceptible if not moreso (because of two-tile splash); Demons can barely keep up with you, so you mostly do this (without shots) until they run away.  Revs are just awful, though, I can tell they're going to be the most annoying (unless there are Viles...*shudder*).  At least Mancubus have some slowness to them.  And then Pain Elementals!  That's part of the reason I'm doing a melee build: there is no way, NO WAY, to take on a Pain Elemental with a single 1d2 pistol.


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