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- The stick exists for the sole reason of preventing you from putting a powerful melee weapon in the prepared slot and then using Juggler to attack with it. You thought you were clever? You keep thinking that. ;)
- The Computer Map spawning is add's responsibility. He wrote the Infinite Arena on which the mod is based.

All in all, i really enjoy "watching" you play, GH. You're really something. Good luck!

EDIT: Updated the file again, upping the damage of both the gun and stick to 1d3 (same as fists) and slowing health regeneration as compensation. You are no longer virtually immortal while berserking. Patience is, once again, a virtue.

Made it to the wave 15. Nuffin said.

Game Hunter:

Some waves are real lucky, some aren't.  (Of course, whether or not you get experience is another thing.)  Playing melee seems to get the job done later on enough.

- Since you usually have an open space to deal with them, Mancubus are best treated by running at them in a zig-zag to avoid as many shots as possible.  After closing the gap, they're in the bag (as long as you have sub-1.00 movespeed).
- Revs are just the hella-patient game.  Keep peeking out, waiting for them to show up.  If you manage to get within 2-3 tiles, start running.  They don't take a LOT of hits, and it's very unlikely for them to launch a rocket back as long as you're running.
- CAN use the same ring-around strategy, although it will be more dangerous.  Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot else you can do, those guys have some strong AI when it comes to chasing.  Later on with Brute3, it takes 7/8 hits, so you can try to put on some armor, turn on run, and hope for the best.
- Nightmare variants (and holy shit why did they have to be in here) are a pain, particularly the demons (haven't seen a caco yet) but a lot can be done as in the normal strategy.  By now you should be level 5/6 anyway, so your build is nearly complete.  Note that Nightmare Demons outrun you even with HR2, so...just a heads up.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Oh, and now that I know Arch-viles can show up, I'm not even sure I want to continue trying.  It's bad enough wave 20 also had a bunch of nightmare imps, but now I have to worry about EVERYTHING respawning?  If it's possible, make it so that corpses are cleared at the end of each round (and if impossible, add it to the Mod Wishlist).
It's real fun, though.  I'm interested in what kind of build Gargulec tried if not what I was using.  There are probably a few ways to go about it (some...more patient than mine) and round 15 is pretty impressive.  For my own build, the game picks up after about round 10 and there's a lot less sniping and more luring into melee range.

EDIT: Guess I should note this was done with the previous version instead of 1.2.  However, berserk armor only came in handy a couple of times, and (in some cases) didn't work at all, ala zerk armor bug.

Hopefully, the last re-release of the level (v1.2.3). Fixed some messages and removed Angel of Death from the game, since he's not going to spawn anyway and force-spawning him is just evil.

Game Hunter:
I haven't played it a lot since the latest update, but I thought I'd mention that upping the damage from 1d2 to 1d3 does nothing except make the first few levels go faster: the only enemies that take noticeably more damage now (which is still 5-6 hit deaths) are the non-commando formers and imps.  The compensation is quite a shocker later on, and I find that the ring-around trick doesn't work nearly as well (either by taking longer or needing to have backup cover).  In short, you made a game that I've already deemed impossible to defeat harder...although the impossibility is really only because of a combination of Viles and Mortuary-like corpses.  Either remove Viles or remove corpses after each level: otherwise there's no reason to play this and aim for completion.  Compare Restless which, although Viles can be a deadly problem at times, you at least heal on each and every kill.

However, I DO recommend this to players wanting to master Hell's Arena, Phobos Arena, and (in general) conservative gameplay.  Just don't expect to do anything about the inevitable Arch-viles.


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