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My first thought when trying this out was that it wasn't particularly exciting ... I changed the difficulty to a slightly harder, but the first half a dozen or so rounds were trivial. Then cool stuff started to appear. Then the arena started to get cluttered. Then thing started getting hectic.

It was at this point that I realised this mod is awesome.

Well, I did notice one or two problems. For some reason the intermission countdowns never appeared for me, which might have helped. There were far too many powerups spawned to feel in danger from anything other than instakills, especially since you could locate them all after one computer map. (I didn't even pick any defensive traits and I felt this. Never needed to swap armour, either.) And IMHO the announcer and crowd got very old very quickly.

On the bright side, keeping the item count down was less tedious than I thought it might be (actually kinda fun); enemies often gathered the spare ammo for you to rocket, and there were enough barrel / enemy explosions that you only had to manually deal with it occasionally. The extra enemies were balanced well as they spawned, and extra items were fun. The HUD tweaks were nicely done and everything seemed to work well. It might have been fairer and sometimes tenser to clean up acid/lava only every 5th round instead of randomly, but eh.

I used a power dualgunner build with P3T2 pistols and a rage rune - I could immediately kill (or at least knock out of firing range) ANYTHING, but ran into problems when viles decided that my 'reload' key actually stood for 'respawn'. I still did okay up until round 25-30 or so, at which point I was inevitably instagibbed by two mancubi. I'll try again later with a more rounded build and maybe the hardest difficulty.

Oh yeah, one last thing. This happens when you quit straight away:

He killed 0 out of 0 hellspawn. (0%)
 This ass-kicking marine killed all of them!
--- End code ---


Okay since writing that review I have actually played this through on the hardest mode and let me tell you that while this remains an awesome mod STOP PLAYING at round 25. You will have reached an effective god mode and wiping out hoard after hoard of vile-backed enemies is not worth the occasional boss ememy that you will literally kill before they act. Nuking doesn't even help that much. I'm sure the final boss would be amazing to fight, but it would be faster for you to learn lua and code the thing in yourself from scratch than it would be to actually fight long enough for it to spawn. I stopped at round 52 and all I got was this lousy error message!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)----------------------------------------------------------------------
Timestamp   : 13/03/2011 20:51:12
Error level : CRITICAL
Message     : Player action exception!

Error message : .../sandbox/skulltag_arena/skulltag_arena_announcer.lua:76: attempt to read undeclared variable Player

Timestamp   : 13/03/2011 20:51:27
Message     : Fatal exception encountered

An unhandled exception occurred at $00462506 :
Exception : sandbox/skulltag_arena/skulltag_arena.lua:234: attempt to call field 'Round' (a number value)
  $00462506  LUA_CALLFUNCTION,  line 593 of D:/Projects/fpcvalkyrie/lua/lua.pas
  $0042B825  TLUATABLE__EXECUTE,  line 751 of D:/Projects/fpcvalkyrie/src/vlua.pas
  $0048668E  TLEVEL__CALLHOOK,  line 498 of src/dflevel.pas
  $00486401  TLEVEL__LEAVE,  line 458 of src/dflevel.pas
  $0041D780  TDOOM__RUN,  line 407 of src/doombase.pas
  $00402102  main,  line 91 of src/doomrl.pas

Nerf the rewards, put that sucker in at round 25 and you have a game, this is just nonsense.

Nice work... but why didn't you use the real skulltag announcer voice? The one in the mod sounds like a retarded news announcer. :<

Oh, and lol @ Nameless' YAAM :P

EDIT: Minigun + agility mod + triggerhappy + RAEG rune = AAAAHAHAHAHAAA!

Mrazerty: That is a Skulltag announcer.  96F.  It's personal preference I suppose, but you can disable him by removing the sound bindings or editing the Lua a little bit.  You can also change him to a more modern announcer if you care to rip the sounds, but I doubt anyone will care enough to.

Nameless:  I think all arena mods get boring after a while.  But you should have been given the option to fight the boss by level 50.  **edit** there was a bug and he was on lvl55 **/edit** Vile spawn rates have been reduced in response to your complaint (I agree; viles suck) and your crash is fixed (Quit?  I've... never considered that)  I'll tweak enemy spawns a little more to make the harder enemies more likely to appear, then upload.

**double edit** I've heard your cries for speed and difficulty, and delivered!  It's a bit more beta than normal this time around, but a new version is up and it makes the difficulty levels important.  Blood demons and chaingunners on wave one!  Double-Shotgunners by wave two!  Screw that, I'm going back to playing it on easy.

Well, the first few rounds are certainly more interesting now. :) They feel roughly on par with the normal Hell Arena in terms of difficulty and strategy, although whether you initially snag a ranged weapon or get killed by a single blood demon is more or less dumb luck. After that it's good ol' corner shooting and abusing central enemy movement. The intermission length is well timed; I usually had just enough turns to make a dash for the loot and back off before the next round. Former majors were consistently pathetic; the level layout makes it very rare for them to surprise you in close range, so they just functioned as weaker sargents. Spectres could maybe use a damage buff, they're pretty inconsequential as is. Former specialists are VERY powerful; 6d6 rockets out of nowhere hurt. ;_;

The rate of powerups feels about right now - I was often low on health and sneaking / madly dashing around pillars to get a precious small health globe. Rage rune is still overpowered compared to the others. I played a couple of different builds on "much harder" that didn't make it beyond round 12, but they were my own carelessness and the difficulty felt good up to that point.


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